My name is Geoff Gorner and this is a history of my Toyota MR2 GT-S T-Bar, since I purchased it in October, 2002.

The car is a 2 litre  Turbocharged 16v Twin Cam engined beast. It started life with a standard 220 bhp engine and this is the story of how this grew and grew

I bought the car from a friend, who had suddenly outgrown it due to a new family member.

I have carried out several modifications to the car since I bought it and the first few pictures on this page show how the car looked when I first bought it.

The first thing I changed were the wheels, I didn't like the original 15" alloys. These were soon replaced with a set of 17" TSW Venoms with Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres.

A Bomex bodykit was amongst the next few purchases although this was not fitted straight away. You will see the fitting of the kit and repaint on a subsequent page.

A few interior mods followed to brighten up the plain black interior, starting with an Italvolanti Imola steering wheel with a red gear-lever gaiter and alloy gearknob.

Not content with the looks of the car, I purchased a pair of Tom's Air Scoops from California to add a different look to the car, as well as providing more cold air to the induction system and intercooler.

As you can see, I also purchased a private registration number at this stage, just to add a bit of "posing" value ( better known as "Bling") to the car.

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