Welcome Home! Bio-Regional now in planning! 2009 National Consensed for NM; The true Spirit of Rainbow Family is not once a year - it's WE - In talk action and planning; Contact us and join in; Let's plan for MORE local and Regional events!

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"World Peace and Healing can only happen when we ALL attempt to find Peace Within Ourselves first."

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* FLASH!: News is starting to come in as we get ready for Summer 2009 events:

Current Consideration for the Regional Campout is near Mt. Shasta in the McCloud Ranger District - we found a nice site there - contact us for details! There is also a potluck-style Picnic planned for SUN 31 MAY 2009 for discussing the NM Caravan, Ridesharing and planning for New Mexico.

The Rainbow Family and Gatherings have been happening now since 1971 and some of the elders are getting old and tired; - some in fact just recently passed-on to the great forest on the other side. There are many people in our area who show up each year at National, but have never participated in anything local. Too often Focalizers have gotten calls and e-mail asking "where" as if a free show is being put on for them, but few messages come in asking "how can I help?" "when and where can we get together?" Also some people want change, evolution, and something more than what we have been seeing in recent years. For those people wanting a DIFFERENT Gathering but still Free, contact the Light Family Tribe (and see how you can help with the Ecotopia Bio-Regional Gatherings, like JEFFERSON WEST below, or the Appalachian Bio-Regional). Otherwise be a part of the annual planning for Nationals. Regionals MAY NOT necessarily reflect the "National" Rainbow Family and Rainbow Gathering. Most folks in recent years agree "if the name Rainbow is used for a Regional, it MUST follow the Guide and be by consensus." --- Meanwhile, ALL events need help and planning, even this website can use assistance. Family takes work and helping with the chores! (Click here now for Poster-Info-Directions) , Coffee House Meetings, National Gathering; and 2) the unique "JEFFERSON WEST ECOTOPIA Bio-REGIONAL" (Can you say big time Planning and Paricipation???)

See below for link... "This is the latest update - National 2009 has now been announced for NEW MEXICO! We CAN once again meeting in regular ongoing fellowship and local networking when enough interest is shown. Expect more local Gatherings (especially with fuel prices, the Economy, concerns for the environment, and supporting local-regional Family) NEXT EVENT - Campout Council: TBA, possibly 3-Corners, Clover Gulch, Ruth CA (Lower Trinity - Six Rivers NF) Other sites in the "Jefferson" Region will be open to consideration so that we can COUNCIL ASAP in August! . DISCLAIMER (Basic PowWow rules) - NO Alcohol, NO Drugs, NO Weapons, or we will face a Shutdown! It is to be a Spiritual event for Enlightenment and Empowering through sharing and learning.--- Scouting is IN PROGRESS for a number of Regionals in various locations ---; NationalAnnual "2009 Rainbow Gathering" has been consensed for 'New Mexico (NM)' - Probably near 1995 Tres Piedres site. CAN'T GO??? or DON'T WANT TO?? (BE part of the Plan then for YOUR Regionals) If you will not be going please join us in Spirit and Action with details in the next paragraph below.. -- Reply-To: lightgathering01@yahoo.com

Evening of the 3th of July - GATHER LOCALLY - on the nearest Town Square or Plaza - Bring Candles and Signs that speak to Silence and Prayer for World Peace and Healing - On the Evening of the 3rd join in CANDLELIGHT VIGIL "PEACE PRAYER CIRCLE" a sharing of each individual with music, poetry, prayer, affirmations, and heartsongs around YOUR LOCAL Circle. UNITE Globally, Acting Locally - if you can't come home to the Annual Rainbow Gathering! .

Selected photos starting from the West Coast Gatherings are now on the Redwood Rainbow Yahoo Group

Make sure you have read the disclaimer above and understand the Consensed Raps - Input and Scouting is Welcomed at the Camp Out Council for review of the Regional, plus next West Coast or Regional; AND Jefferson West Bio-Regional. The situation and remedies about Arcata Camping and Eco-Tourism will also be discussed for some solutions. - Forests under consideration for the Next Gatherings (loosely consensed to) will be in the "Imaginary State of Jefferson" (i.e. Upstate CA and So. OR), from the Coast to the Modocs. WE LOVE YOU

We'll keep our ears open and let you know of any other councils, etc when we hear of them. OTHER ANNUAL EVENTS = To Be Announced. Don't forget the North Country Fair, and Earthdance.  It requires commitment, and staying with Vision! Meet the most appropriate family and travel plans you want to ride with. Respect that some people MUST share expenses and driving with responsibility or else they won't be able to go. BRING notebooks and laptops; plan to discuss routes, stops, distance per day, etc. ALSO plan to discuss networking of goals, workshops, kitchens, supplies, trinket gifts, and all the things that go on (or you wished you had thought of) to happen with Kind Folks in Sharing at Gatherings. ---  Welcome home, - We Love You! - D"Whytefeather

NOTE THIS! ... "We think that everyone that uses the name RAINBOW and travels, visits, or is a guest ANYWHERE should read RAP 516 and be familiar with it! Read it to friends, and brothers and sisters on the road." -- We have made the following link to this RAP from the Rainbow Guide. --> Open this in a new tab or window. RAP 516

ANNUAL GATHERING 2006 INFO - Any follow-up information we get the 2006 Colorado Gathering in Routt National Forest will be linked here as it becomes available (if and when).

COMING SOON "What YOU can do HERE and NOW to Co-Create"

Redwood Rainbow Basic Info

Council Notes from first Light Family Weekend Campout 28-31 March 2003

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**Guidelines for Planning a Gathering Site**(Revised with new ADDENDUM July 2006, following Colorado)

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Howdy Folks - Basic Important Consciousness (Rap 107-701)

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"Rainbow Family of Living Light" LINKS

"Welcome Home" - Rainbow Family Unofficial Web Site

Rainbow Guide - Now focalized 2006-2007 from Oklahoma.

Jefferson Rainbow (Southern Oregon and California Border) Click this link for more info on the State of Jefferson, region of many West Coast Regional Gatherings

SF Bay Area Rainbow (currently a mail list you will need to "Subscribe" to or Join the YahooGroup) On 2003-07-03 This was the "unmoderated" consensed communications for "All-California." There are NOW better "moderated" YahooGroups you might want to know about - ASK US!

SCROLL (Southern California Rainbow of Living Light)

Northwest Tribes

The ORB (Ozark Rainbow Bulletin)

Serenitea Ridge & Brew-Ha-Ha Tea Kitchen

Northern Redwood Coast and Humboldt County Information

(Definition: Redwoods grow from Big Sur near the Monterey-SLO County Line to Brookings, Oregon. "Upstate CA" is all Counties north of or including State Route 20. The "Northern Redwood Coast" is roughly the area from Mendocino, CA to Brookings, OR). The "Wild Rivers Coast" is from Orick, CA to Bandon, OR. Together our area is the State of Jefferson Coast.

HumGuide (It all starts here, complete with search engine)

Humboldt County Convention & Visitor Bureau -

Redwood Empire Association

HSU - CCAT (Campus Centre for Appropriate Technology) MUST SEE!

"Prosperity" (An Economic Development Working Papers Document reflecting roundtable consciousness and consensus for our region)

County of Humboldt

Craigslist for Humboldt and the Northern Redwood Coast - Check it out for Rideshares, Calendar, Housing, Groups, etc, ] 

Mattole Defense organization - Help save the Mattole Watershed.


Other Useful Links

"Prayer for Global Peace & Healing" (Quotation)

About D'Whytefeather's "Living Enrichment Circles" [DISCONTINUED UNTIL DEMAND] 

Jacoby Creek Land Trust (How to Conserve Watershed and Riparian Corridors) [Temporarily Out of Service looking for new server]

North Coast Redwood Interpretive Association (NCRIA) Today our National and State Parks budgets are being severely cut with only enough money mainly for law enforcement and some maintenance. Interpretive Associations are the Non-Profit Organizations having to make up the difference, by operating bookstores and park museums, in order to pay for Visitor Centers, Camp Hosts, Ranger Talks, and other Interpretation activities.

"Light Family Gatherings" Concept Proposal - An alternative idea to Rainbow Gatherings that has been in discussion for a while. E-mail them at lightgathering01@yahoo.com.

Redwood National & State Parks: Site 1, Site 2 - These links might answer FAQs we often receive.

 USDA - National Forest Service (NFS) Links

Six Rivers National Forest - Our immediate National Forest in Humboldt, Del Norte and western Trinity Counties. Site of June-July Camp Out

Arkansas' National Forests - The is the best link we can give for "now" on the 2007 National-Annual Rainbow Gathering. -----.

Siskiyou National Forest - The northern most extent of Redwoods. Four groves can be found in the Brookings, Oregon area.

Mendocino National Forest (Sites for 2007 Regional).

Round Valley History of the Nome Cult Trail of Tears This roughly follows M4 to Mendocino Pass and down FH7 to Covelo - and this is the history.

The main Home Page about Covelo and the Round Valley Indian Reservation

Our friends at the National Forest Service would like you to familiarize yourself with the following linked information...

FAQs on Noncommercial Group Use Permits on National Forest System Lands - You may be quizzed on this at a National Gathering.

Non Commercial Group Use Application (form fs-2700-3b.rtf )- This is what a permit/application looks like (A word processing application that can open "Rich Text Format" is required for this link).


Department of the Interior Agencies' Links ...

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Department of Fish and Wildlife (US-FWS)

National Park Service (NPS)

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Our next revision of this web site will include links to local Tribal Governments, or contact information. The Rainbow Family encourages direct honest and sincere communication with local tribal agencies as well as unrecognized tribes, especially when planning events. Leave plenty of time for planning and discussion.



* FLASH!: It's the Season for Non-Violence:What are you doing that could make a difference? See http://www.agnt.org/snv02.htm  See also an available download on the life of Ghandi from Unity of Eugene, OR.  


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