refermentia - from left - michael moncrieff, peter worth, joanna sochacka, james harding, louise hall.
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Welcome to Refermentia Online.

Refermentia is a new band, featuring:
Michael Moncrieff - Bass/Vocals
Louise Hall - Guitar/Vocals
James Harding - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Joanna Sochacka - Drums/Vocals
Peter Worth - Keyboards/Percussion/Vocals

Currently, Refermentia is in the birth stage of its life. The band have got together for a few practices recently and have completed cover songs for a live set, and now five original songs are written, with many more in the pipeline.

On this website, you shall receive frequent updates on the band's progress, news from each band member, and information about the band, including possible future plans, equipment listings and many photographs of the group and the members.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site, please do have an open mind and do check back frequently, many things are happening at the moment so expect things to change quickly.
Check the news section for updates.
Please join the forum, we would like to build a full refermentian society.
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