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Welcome to the online information center and store for "The Refined Pallet".  Making Retired Wood Beautiful Again.

I have been inspired to take old, used wood, and give it new life again.  For my creations I utilize new materials as well as recycled wood from such sources as freight pallets, broken furniture or renovation and cabinetry left overs.  Due to the nature of "salvagable" wood, my projects tend to be smaller pieces because of having to work around, or with, broken or "not so pretty" pieces of lumber.  I mill out the best parts of these materials for their attractive grain or wood pattern.

Most of the boxes that I create are from new materials or larger pieces of recycled cabinetry or furniture.  (The old stuff when cabinets & furniture were made from solid wood)
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Custom Boxes
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To support my hobby, I have created a way for customers to create something special for themselves or as a gift.  You design, and I build to your specifications, just about any sized box.  At your disposal are many wood types, inlays, hardware & joinery options.  I will also lend you my design and craftsmanship experience to create the perfect box for what ever use you intend.
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