Our Lady of the Rosary 
of San Nicolas

First  Messages
September 25th 1983 - December 31st 1983

(Taken from the  book:
Messages of Our Lady at San Nicolas)
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The first messages
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    The following pages have been taken  from the book "Messages of Our Lady at San Nicolas," Copyright 1991, Faith Publishing Company, P.O. Box 237 Milford, Ohio 45150.  The copyright page states: "The original of this book, MENSAJES, (Messages), was published in Spanish in San Nicolas, Argentina."
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On November 14, 1990, the Bishop of San Nicolas, Monsignor Domingo Castagna, issued an edict compromising an "Imprimatur" for the publication of the Spanish edition of the Messages of Our Lady to Gladys de Motta.  The Bishop's statement read as follows:

Monsignor DOMINGO SALVADOR CASTAGNA, for the grace of god and of the Apostolic Holy See, Bishop of "San Nicolas de los Arroyos",
HAVING: A folder that contains the messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, presented by Father Carlos A. Perez, Rector of the Diocesan Sanctuary, Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, located in this city, province of Buenos Aires;
AND CONSIDERING: That its contents have, in correct form, the formulations of the Catholic Faith that must be transmitted to the believers for the knowledge of the doctrine, and THAT IS THE responsibility of the Ordinary of the place to "take care of the catechization of the Christian population, for their faith, through the Doctrine's teaching, and that the practice of Christian life become alive, explicit and operative" (C. 773), and for the same reasons, give the necessary approval (C. 827.1):
1.  Grant the "Imprimatur" for the folder that contains the Messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, to be published in Spanish;
2.  Remembering that in the publication should be stated: "with the necessary license", in the name of the Diocesan Bishop, Msgr. Domingo Salvador Castagna, and the date of the license granted being that of this decree, and that the approval for the publication is valid for the original text, but not for successive editions, if they come (C. 829).
3.  To be communicated to whom it may concern, and file.

Given in "San Nicolas de los Arroyos", Bishop's See, the fourteenth day of the month of November of the year of Our Lord, nineteen, ninety.

Signed:    Domingo Salvador Castagna
Bishop of San Nicolas
Ariel David Busso

*    *     *     *

The above document was duly recorded with the Diocesan seal and the signatures of the Bishop and the Chancellor involved.

This Publisher acknowledges that the above Imprimatur was given principally for the publication of the book of messages in Spanish, and would not necessarily be valid for other translations, or subsequent editions of the book.
However, recognizing that the English translation of the messages has been authorized at San Nicolas, through the same authority, we dutifully make known the Bishop's decree, herein.

The Publisher

Publisher's Foreword

On September 25, 1983, Gladys Quiroga de Motta, a middle aged housewife and mother, living in the city of San Nicolas, Argentina, reported a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Apparitions continue to this day, an event that is now being reported and followed around the world.  Following is a brief outline of the events of San Nicolas.
San Nicolas is a city of approximately 150,000 people, and is approximately two hours driving time, northwest of Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina.  The present parish Church of St. Nicolas of Bari (the Patron Saint of the region), dates back to 1884.  On that occasion a beautiful statue of the "Virgin of the Rosary" was inaugurated, with a preparatory novena, a yearly tradition.  The original statue has always been in San Nicolas.  However, due to a breakage of one of the hands, it was relegated to a storage room in the belfry of the current Cathedral.
As the fervor of the claimed apparitions to Gladys de Motta began to sweep across the region, the priest assigned as her spiritual director (Fr. Perez), took Gladys to view the statue, which she had not previously seen.  She identified the statue as an exact replica of the "Lady that I see".
During the past seven years, the following stages of the development of the Apparitions of San Nicolas have occurred.
Gladys reported that Our Lady asked that a special medal be struck with the image of "Our Lady of the Rosary" on the front, and a symbol of the Blessed Trinity surrounded by seven stars, on the back.
During 1983 and 1984, Our Lady repeatedly asked for a special "Sanctuary" (Basilica), at the site of the apparitions.  During two different apparitions, a ray of light appeared, marking the exact location for the construction.  It is located in a field or plain known as the "Campito", on the banks of the Parana River.
Shortly thereafter, Gladys received the stigmata of Jesus Christ.  During the same period, several outstanding physical healings took place.  Pilgrimages began on the twenty-fifth of each month, the anniversary date, and throngs of people descended on San Nicolas.  Fervent devotion became an everyday occurrence, with additional Masses being scheduled, perpetual Rosaries, and an overwhelming return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  And what is the position of the Church regarding events at San Nicolas?

The Bishop of San Nicolas, Msgr. Domingo Castagna, acted quickly and prudently regarding these events.  He personally studied them, assigned a spiritual director for the visionary, and convened a special Investigative Commission to study the authenticity of the claimed apparitions.  The committee was comprised of local priests and theologians of the area, a psychologist, two graphologists, and a team of psychiatrists from the School of Psychology of the Jesuit University of Salvador.
All the results of the investigation concerning Gladys were positive, and the studies of the healings  continue under the direction of a special medical bureau.  There are no negative results at this time.  Details of these studies can be found in the book, AN APPEAL FROM MARY IN ARGENTINA, by Fr. Rene Laurentin, available from this publisher.  The address is shown at the conclusion of this forward.

The medal requested by Our Lady, has been sanctioned, produced, and is being distributed.  The Basilica is under construction, approximately one third completed.  Bishop Castagna has taken a positive position in the events, and guides the devotions and pilgrimages with utmost care.  He often presides at the special Masses and often leads the procession as the statue of Our Lady is carried to the construction site (similar to Fatima).  The fruits resulting from the events of San Nicolas are overwhelming, similar to those of Medjugorje, and spiritual conversions abound.

The Messages

As you read the messages received by Gladys in San Nicolas, two aspects become evident rather quickly.
First, the messages reflect the current world situation with pinpoint accuracy, and give great detail as to the important role of the Mother of God in the salvation of mankind.
Second, the messages come complete with specific Scriptural references from Our Lady.  She continuously requests that Gladys read certain passages from the Scriptures.
It should be noted that Gladys lives a very peasant oriented life, has barely an elementary grade education, no theological knowledge, and no previous awareness of certain aspects of the Bible.
The messages denote an extreme urgency!  They specifically spell out the current world situation, and give exact guidelines as to what is to be done.  Most importantly, Our Lady is adamant as to her role in our salvation, and confirms that she is "The Woman Clothed With the Sun", "The New Eve", and the "New Ark of the Covenant".  She states that her "New Sanctuary" will be her dwelling place on earth, and defines that this is the time of fulfillment of her role of leading all her children of the world back to her Son.

In addition to the over 1,800 messages received by Gladys, from Our Lady, she also received apparitions and messages from Our Lord, totaling 68.  These messages confirm the words of Our Lady.
The Bishop's Commission has also studied these messages and has issued no negative report as to any deviation from Catholic Doctrine.  Further, on November 14, 1990, Bishop Castagna provided his IMPRIMATUR for the publication of these messages in Spanish, printed in Argentina.
Although the Church has issued no formal approval of the Apparitions of San Nicolas, the devotions have been endorsed in substance, the construction continues, the medals and publications are authorized, an the pilgrimages continue in spiritual splendor.
The messages that follow in this book are translations from the Spanish printed records, as received by this Publisher.  We wish to thank Eleonora O'Farrell De Nagy-Pal for her work in this regard, and also Marie-Helene Gall for the translations.  Our thanks as well to Bishop Castagna for the authorization to print these messages, an to Fr. Perez, Fr. Montero and Roberto Lovato, for their assistance.
Of course, we acknowledge and thank THE MOTHER OF GOD, to whom, all of our work, and this book is dedicated.

For further information, additional copies of this book, or copies of the book, AN APPEAL FROM MARY IN ARGENTINA, please contact:
P.O. BOX 7


The messages in this book are the fruit of what is commonly known as private revelation, which in this case, took place in the city of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.
Since September, 1983, Gladys Motta (formerly Quiroga), claims to see and hear the Blessed Virgin under the invocation of "Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas".  Included herein is a brief summary of the events that will help the reader to follow the different steps of this development.
The diocesan Church, in the person of the Bishop of San Nicolas and a Commission of priests and experts appointed by him, was faced with the difficult responsibility of discerning these events, looking into the orthodoxy of the messages, directing the faith of the believers and setting necessary guidelines for rules and devotions, and channeling activities into a proper pastoral so as not to smother God's gift.  Everything was done at the proper pace, and with the care called for by an event of these proportions.
Here again, we wish to stress the fact that the faithful are not obliged to believe in private revelations, since everything has already been said in the Public Revelation contained in Holy Scripture, which closed with the death of the last Apostle.  Of this, the Holy Church is guardian and  interpreter, and all Christians are seriously bound to believe in it.
Nevertheless, although private revelation adds nothing new, it does help as a reminder of what is already known through Public Revelation, and often provides a great incentive to live accordingly.  That is why this book places the messages given at San Nicolas at the reader's disposal, in the certainty that they contain nothing contrary to revealed doctrine, and important insight to the current world.  If any doubt should arise from reading them, the right interpretation should be sought from priests who govern and serve the communities, embodying the mission of Christ, the Master.
The Bishops' authorization to print these messages indicates that they agree with revealed doctrine, and consequently, to read them can be a useful help for a life of prayer and conversion, the growth of Christian virtue, the experience of consecration to the Heart of Mary, and in general, an invitation to sanctity.
The Church offers Her children these teachings, inviting them to live them, since in a simple, yet deep language, they explain the infinite wealth of the Lord's Word, to which the messages can be considered a guide and an echo.

         Fr. Carlos A. Perez
 Rector of the Sanctuary.


Each message in this book is identified by the date it was received and is numbered numerically.  The official compiling and cataloging of the messages was begun by Fr. Carlos Perez in November 1983, under the authorization of the Bishop of San Nicolas.  They begin in Chapter 2 of this book.

Prior to that time, the seer's written comments (upon first seeing Our Lady on September 25, 1983), and Our Lady's spoken messages (which began on October 13, 1983), were unofficially compiled in two separate collections by Gladys and her spiritual director, Fr. Perez.  They were originally for private use only, and were not intended for publication.  However, because of the extreme importance of these first messages, it was recommended that they be included in this book, and are printed herein, in their original format in Chapter 1.  These are referred to as the collection of "first messages".

The initial group of "first messages" includes the statement of Gladys beginning on September 25, 1983, and Our Lady's messages up through November 12, 1983.  These messages are numbered: F.M.0, F.M.01, F.M.02, F.M.03, etc.

The words of the seer, Gladys, are shown in italics.  The words of Our Lord and Our Lady are shown in regular print.

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The First Messages

September 25th 1983 - December 31st 1983

September 25, 1983              F.M.0

I saw the Virgin for the first time.

September 28                        F.M.01

I saw Her once more.

October 5                              F.M.02

Again I saw Her.

October 7                             F.M.03

I saw Her and asked Her what She wanted from me.  Her image vanished, and a Chapel appeared.  I understood She wanted to be amongst us.

October 12                         F.M.04

I spoke of this with my confessor, Father Carlos Perez.

October 13                         F.M.05

She appeared again, and She said to me:

    You have been faithful.  Do not fear, come to see Me.  Hand in hand with me you will travel many roads.

    She told me to read Ezechiel 2:4-10.

October 17                         F.M.06

    I went to Rosario to the Cathedral to view her statue, but the image of the  Virgin that was there is small.  I closed my eyes and She appeared beside me, bigger.  She spoke to me while I was praying:

    Listen to my words and make them be listened.  I will always be your guide.

    A very strong white light illuminated me all over.  I felt like a blessing from Her.

October 19                         F.M.07

    The Virgin says to me:

   The unjust are rebels, and the humble are  the Lord's servants.  Search for help, it will be provided to you; do not fear, nothing will happen to you.  The Lord does not leave things abandoned to chance.

October 25                         F.M.08

     went to Rosario and I had a vision of the Virgin; She spoke to me (earlier in the vision, she gave me a white rosary, She handed it out to me).

    Receive this Rosary from my hands and keep it for centuries to come.  I am happy, because you are obedient;  rejoice because God is with you.

October 28                         F.M.09

     the Lord enlighten the minds of men.  Happy are those who are at peace with Him.
    May you always be humble and obedient as you have been up to date.  You are my faithful servant, that pleases the Lord.

October 30                         F.M.010

    Beloved sons, you are in need of me.  It is time to pray, it is time to ask for, repent and you will be given.
    Blessed are those who are with the Lord, but not the weak in spirit.
    Let my seed not be in vain, and may what is sown bear its fruit.  Glory be to the Everlasting Father.

    At that moment I saw a green flag, red curtains with yellow fringes, an altar piece of a natural, beige or light brown color.

October 31                         F.M.011

    Infinite are the gifts of the Lord.  His Wisdom has no end.  Appeal to it, it will not let you down.  I am not unreachable as many believe.  If they stretch out their hand they will reach me.

    Our Lady gives me Zacharias 2:8 to the end, to read.

November 1                         F.M.012

    I saw a torch, and She said to me:

    I am with you; like the living flame of the torch, like this your faith should be placed in me.

November 3                         F.M.013

She made me read Matthew 3:16 to the end, but before She said to me:

    The Holy Spirit has touched you.

I saw a white light coming towards me.  She also asked me to read Math. 3:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 1:17.

November 8                         F.M.014

    Our Lady said to me:

    When you need it, come to Me and I will answer you.  I am happy with you.  You are worthy of my trust.  Glory be to the Lord.

    She asked me to read Psalm 119.  She says:

    Rocks I shall tear, caves I shall carve, as perseverant as this you should be.

November 9                         F.M.015

    She makes me  read Exodus 25:8.  Also, She says:

    Make them support you in what you say; I want to be amongst you.  You are the chosen one for the mission entrusted to you.  The Lord never abandon His children, plead the cause.  Blessed are those who are with Me.

November 12                         F.M.016

    Mary says:

    You were thirsty of my presence; you will eat from my hands,   be patient, everything will come in due time.  Yours is the Chapel.

(She says so in a spiritual sense.  There was a scent of roses.)  She also added:

     Do not be shaken, you must have faith; your cross is heavy, but you know how to bear it.

    I felt a strong scent of incense.

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First Messages - Set Two

November 15, 1983                  F.M. 1

Jesus said:

    I am the Sower; gather the harvest.  It will be big.

November 15                             F.M. 2

The Virgin said to me:

Continue being devoted and faithful to the Word of God.  We are in Advent times, turn your faces towards God, your Lord.  I AM THE PATRONESS OF THIS REGION, MAKE MY RIGHTS BE HONOURED!

November 16                             F.M.3

    The Virgin said:

    Near you I want to be (near the river); the water is a blessing.

    When I asked Her if she wants a chapel or a Shrine, she replies:

    The Scriptures say that.

    Indeed, on the 9th of November she had given a Biblical message: Exodus 25:8:

  And they shall make Me a Sanctuary; and I will dwell in the midst of them.

    And the Virgin adds:

    Fulfill my word.

  She gives me to read Philippians 4 and Aggeus 2:4 and 2:9:
  She then tells me:

    You will suffer no harm, I protect you.

    I asked her whether I should talk to the Bishop, and she answered:

    Go and announce my request.

November 17                         F.M.4

    Today I saw Jesus and He told me:

    Glorious days await for you.  Rejoice in Me, my beloved children.  Repeat these my words.

    He then disappears and the Virgin appears; I sprinkled her with blessed water and She says to me:

    May you be blessed today, on this day and forever.  You are consecrated to Me, fullness awaits for you.  Glory and eternal life.  Amen.

She makes me read Joshua 2:14, 3:5, and 8:1.  (There was a scent of incense.)

November 18                         F.M.5

    Summon all to unity, you will be given strength . . . Today the Holy Spirit will feed you.  Read:  Ecclus.  1:14.

November 19                         F.M.6

    My Kingdom is with you.  Read with attention my messages! I tell you: I shall dwell amongst you, through you!  You are the bridge of union, preach my word.  Many are the blind who won't see, many are the deaf who won't hear, but do not dismay; yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Read Leviticus 4:3 and 2:1

November 20                         F.M.7

    You need my presence to make your feet stand firm.  I am your strut.
Read: Cant.  8:7-10, 2  Cor.  8:2-3, 18-19.

November 21                         F.M.8

    ...Beloved children, pray the Rosary a lot....  Laugh, do not cry; stay calm, you will reach the goal.
     My daughter, I tell you that your word is revelation from the Lord .  The days will pass and you will reveal them, that is why I say to you: Read with attention my messages, you are a carrier of love, joy and peace.
    Your body is weak, but your spirit is strengthened day by day; your determination will move rocks.
    Glory to the Eternal Father.
Read: Acts 6:2-3; 4,7, Heb.  12:14-15.

November 21                 F.M.9

     Believe everything my daughter tells you.  She is faithful to my word.  God Almighty will reward you; the announcement is made!  Amen.
Read: 1 Cor.  4:1, 4-6.

November 22                 F.M.10

The Virgin says:

    Lock the door, for as you have to go out, you must also come in.  For now it is necessary to be cautious, but I tell you, I do not give you too much, but the day will come when everything will be as clear as dawn.  Trust in the future, it is nearby.
    Soon I will be with you.  (She refers to the Sanctuary)
    Do not forget my first words  (first apparitions), they are written in fire.
Read: Apoc.  1:1-3, 2:7.

November 23                 F.M.11

    You will undergo many trials; you will walk among thorns, but one by one, I will remove them.  You are touched by the hand of the Lord; the Holy Spirit will feed you.
Read: Jn.  3:2, 15, 18. and 7:3-4

November 24                 F.M.12

    ...My messages will come to light.  It's hard for them, but they will learn.  It is my joy to know that you are with the Word of the Lord.
    Have in mind that all that I ask will demand sacrifices on your part. Do not cry, I protect you; all the Kingdom protects you.

    She sees Her in front of  her house, where there is a field, and she says:

    I want to be here; this is my place

Read: Ps.  3.

November 24                 F.M.13

    In the evening of the same day on which in a vision she saw the place chosen by Mary, she went to that place with a group of people, and when she pointed out the precise spot she saw in the vision, she saw a very bright ray of light fall exactly there.  A nine-year-old girl who was accompanying the group also saw the ray of light.

November 25                 F.M.14

    On the following day the Virgin said:

    The Holy Spirit is your guide, you must obey!  The place of my dwelling is chosen, everything remains in your hands.

She also said:

    I suffered a lot as a Mother, but the Almighty rewarded me in eternity.  I am with my Beloved Son, for the glory of mankind, with the grace of the Lord.  Amen.
Read: Acts 6:7-8, 8:8.

November 25                       F.M.15

    At Rosario, the Virgin talks to her:

    Today is a glorious day . . . I will pick you up as many times as necessary (she felt like falling down).

    She sees the Virgin surrounded by Angels, in a white light, as she always appears.

November 26                     F.M.16

    On the following day, She says to her:

    Your devotion is complete.  Bless you, your mission is huge!  You do not know its dimension.

  She asks the Virgin whether she would like to be called MARY OF THE ROSARY OF SAN NICOLAS, and the Virgin answers:

    Thus it should be.  My wish is to be amongst you, fill you with blessings, with peace, with joy, and bring you near to the Lord Our God.
Read: Col.  3:15, 4:15, 2 Cor.  4.

November 27                 F.M.17

    Today the image of "Our Lord of Health" arrives at San Nicolas, and the Novena to Saint Nicholas started.  Our Lady says:

    Today is a day of joy for all of you.  Go and honor Our Lord; I will be among you.  Gather and grow in faith, that is what the Lord commands you, as a big herd and He, the great Shepherd.  Glory be to the Lord.  Praised be the people of San Nicolas for the great faith they set in God and in its Holy Patron. You shouldn't worry, everything is in my hands.
Read: James 1:5, 2:1-5, 4:17.

November 27                 F.M.18

    For the first time, she sees the image of the Virgin that is stored in the Cathedral and it coincides with the one she sees.  After checking things out, the image turns to be "OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY",  brought from Rome to San Nicolas 100 years ago, for the Church's consecration, and it was blessed with that intention by Pope Leo XIII.  The Virgin says:

     They had forgotten be, but I come out again; place me there because you see me  as I am.

    (She sees behind a virtual of the Holy Trinity and of Angels)

    Do not be sad, you will have me  . . . I want to be by the Parana river (the place that she chose).  Be firm; you saw my light there, may your strength not weaken.  Glory be to the Almighty Father.

November 28       (ex 2)          F.M.19

    Yesterday you filled me with joy; I saw you reverencing Our Lord, asking and singing praises.  Rejoice, because He listens your requests, but you must also listen to His request, acting as good Christians and listening to His Word.  Do not let the torments  He suffered, and His death, be in vain.  As He resurrected, He wants you to enjoy Eternal Life.  Carry your cross;  accept it, as He accepted it.  Preach these words of mine.  Amen.  From now on, if there was any doubt, it will disappear.

(In the afternoon)

    Put the rosary you keep in your house in my hands.   You have done much and will do more; the time will come when I will show you this.  Do not get tired of writing, do not get tired of reading; this is joy for all of you!  This is a blessing; Saint Nicolas will protect you.
Read: 1 Ptr.  4:1-2, 7-19.

November 29                 F.M.20

    On the occasion of the death of a relation, the Virgin says:

    After grief comes the peace, the consolation that only the Lord gives, because only He does His Divine Will.

    She also tells her that she will give strength to her family:

    Their faith will grow stronger day by day.  The Father wants the best for His children.

Read: 1 Tim.  2:1-8; Acts 1:8.

November 29                 F.M.21

    Virgin Mary of the Rosary tells me:

    I am your light, your torch on the way; you follow me without knowing exactly where you are going; you do not stop nor get tired of walking; you only let me guide you; only the Lord knows your aim.  My daughter, do not stop, nor let others stop. Our thing will soon come to light.  The Lord will fill you with blessings.  Glory be to the Highest One.  Amen.

November 30                 F.M.22

    They want a firm basis.  If they meditate my words, they will find it there.  Do not fear, I will not move from your side; the Lord guides and feeds you.  You are not lacking protection, you have been protected for long;  dawn is near.  Trust Me...
Read: 2 Cor.  Last Chapter 3-6.

November 30                 F.M.23

    ¡The flame  comes into embers, and embers, into ashes, but quite the opposite happens with my words! Do not let my flame go out!  Amen.

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December 1        (ex 3)         F.M.24

    What you sow, that you shall gather; the same will happen with  the Lord demands.  Hurry, because the night is coming; learn to use  the day for good.  I want you to work for my cause.  Preach this.

    Jesus says:

    Beloved children, come to Me all of you, the gates of My Kingdom are open for all those who want to be with Me.  Amen.
Read: 1 Ptr.  1.

    Feed by yourself.

    (She  has been only drinking liquids since the last 35 days).

    There will be good news soon, important events will take place.

December 2                 F.M.25

    Blessed be those who are with the Lord, because Salvation is in His Word . . .go on until the end, tear down all the obstacles you  find.  Remember, that your mission cannot be put aside; watch over them.  Although you do not realize this, you are already protecting them.  The Lord blesses you.  Amen.
Read: Lk.  4:10-11, 7:16-17, Ps.  20, and Ps.  23.

December 3                 F.M.26

    She says a prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and then the Virgin says to her:

    Pray you all as in a single voice so that  the Lord may hear your prayer and enlighten your hearts.  Rejoice, the love of God brings forth joy, cleans your souls, and make all impurity disappear.  Praise be to the Lord.
Read: Matt.  6:9-13, 7:7-8.

December 4                 F.M.27

    God the Father has chosen you, so that through Me, you know His Word. His Call is for you all to be His children, and for the Holy Church of Christ to grow in her faith.  There will be those who will believe and those who won't,  but they should recognize this message, and you, my daughter, are the bridge between the Lord and His faithful.

    She adds:

    My day is near, that day when I will live amongst you and will take my place.  I AM YOUR PATRONESS,  OF YOUR PEOPLE.
Read: Prov.  4:1-8, 20 and Ps. 53 complete.

December 4                         F.M.28

    Today, while I am praying, I ask Her to forgive me for staring at Her and she tells me:

    There is nothing to forgive; look at me, so that you can tell what I look like.

December 5                         F.M.29

    Be God's people, pray as I command.   Announce this so that the Divine Will of God is done in you.
    Do not be afraid, not you; afraid should be those who do not listen to the Lord's call . . . You will not be silent for long, you will have an answer.  Your Father does nothing in vain; remember what I have told you: do not cry, laugh.  The Lord demands and asks for an answer and He finds it in you.  Glory be to God.
Read: Matt.  2:6, 4:1-4.

December 6                 F.M.30

    Say: Blessed be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, because through the Holy Trinity you will find peace and Eternal Life.

    She also says to her:

    Go on with your fasting; after the third day you shall eat. It is not a penance for you; it is a spiritual preparation that the Lord orders you.
Read: Jn.  8:12-17.

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December 7                 F.M.31

    My daughter, spread over your brethren my messages, because you are a preacher of the Lord.  Many are those who say to be with God, but few are with their hearts in the Church of Christ.  But the Lord will set aside the sheep of His flock.  Amen.
Read: Phil.  1:3-11, 4:1-10.

December 8    (Immaculate Conception Day)    PM 32

    Today should be a day consecrated to prayer, don't let it go without doing this. Hard times await you, but, with the Lord's help you will overcome them. Walk with your head up, because you go with the truth that only the Lord gives. All the Kingdom's army is with you on this day. Amen.
Read: Col. 1:10; 3:16-17,  3: 16-17

    It is written on the Book of Life: there is more pain than joy, but happy are you because you do as the Lord commands and I am happy with you.
    Pray that your sacrifice is good in the eyes of the Lord. It's not the end, but the beginning. The Holy Ghost illuminates everything."
Read: I. Tess. 5: 1-11

December 9                               PM 33

    The Lord is little by little clearing the way He marked for you; your steps are hard, but He knows of your devotion, of your faith set in Him. Glory be to the Lord.
Read: Ps. 3: 4-5-6; Mk. 14: 9

December  9                              PM 34

    Never stop praying, more for your neighbors than for yourself.

December 10                             PM 35

    My child, continue today with your fasting, pray also today that the Lord illuminate men, because in the earthly life everything is material, but none of this happens in Heaven, where the Almighty directs your lives today and for ever. Be grateful to Him by doing what He commands.". Amen.
Read: Acts. 4: 12, 19-20; Rom. 1: 1-5

December 10                             PM 36

    I am soft (she sees Her this way) but that doesn't mean I am not strong".

    (She asks the Virgin to let her know where the wooden hand of the image, which is lost, is, since it couldn't be found).

    Do not impose anything on me, only the Lord imposes and proposes.
    Obey... I say this for the hard hearted; continue being faithful to the Lord and you will be saved from the heart.

December 11                             PM 37

    ...Your mission goes beyond preaching. Jesus Christ's Church must increase her faith; Our Lord wants it that way; many should convert, they are not fully converted; it's time to do it. Amen."
Read: Acts. 4: 1-2-3; 6: 6-7

December 11                             PM 38

    Go by roads of love and hope, not by paths of hatred and anger; may I be the seed in the wind, which falls on fertile land and gives fruit. Be yourselves, as the Lord commands.
Glory be to God.

December 12             (ex 4)             PM 39

    Get closer to the Lord in these days, more than never before, because only by His side you will be fine; even though around you there is evil, ignore it; invoke the Holy Spirit and you'll be saved.
    Spread my words. It's about time, your preaching will get a response, I assure you.
Read: Math. 12: 30-31-32

December 12             (ex 5)             PM 40

Prayer that the Virgin taught her to pray to God the Father:

Father, deliver us from all evil.
With Your Holy Wisdom, Lord,
save us from all sin;
in the name of all the ones who love you, Lord,
lead us in the path of goodness.
Read: Prov. 2: 1-11

December 13              (ex 6)             PM 41

    ...I give you this to be known, not to keep it a secret, not in this time; let your name not be known right now, for you own good; the time will come; it's fine in small circles, just the necessary, the Lord knows His Flock.

  I repeat the prayer written in the previous paragraph, and she says to me:

    I will grant a special grace to those who pray this accompanied by the Rosary during nine consecutive days.
Read: Mal. 3: 1-5; Revelations. 22: 16

December 13                             PM 42

    Go to the head of the Church... The Lord makes promises and He keeps them. Sing and rejoice.
Read; Ps. 40 (first part)

December 14             (ex 7)             PM 43

    Ask in your prayers, in the way you are already doing:

May the Lord have mercy on the entire world,
and may the entire world answer to His call for conversion,
may man devote completely to Him
and may he not waste this special moment.
    Let my Novena be known, so that everybody has a chance to pray it and pray the Lord for all of them; you all do it faithfully, do not interrupt it, you shall pray and ask united. I asked for it, respect  it...
Read: Heb. 10: 19-25; 11: 1-3

December 14                                 PM 44

    Do not be sad or disturbed. Rejoice if you are as God commands. Follow the Novena, with the intentions I said...Glory be to the Eternal Father".

December 15                             PM 45

    Your people and many people will change a lot, they will see the Lord with other eyes and with other hearts; your mission will be for that. God put you in this, and His Will will be done. Glory be to the Almighty. Amen".
Read: Soph. 3: 9, 17; Ecclus. 11: 14, 17, 21

December 16                             PM 46

    Look at the sky and you will see the morning star...
    Keep on praying to strengthen both the interior and the exterior; that is what the Father commands. Amen".
Read: Rom. 8: 26-30

December 16             (ex 8)             PM 47

    Most people are crushing into a wall of evil; only the ones believing in Christ the Redeemer will be saved. My child, this is to be widespread. My children, come all to Me.

Jesus Christ is the Lord
Philip. 2: 11

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December 17             (ex 9)             PM 48

    The Radiant Star is my Son, I said it yesterday for you and for the ones that are with you and will preach with you, today you have done so for the entire world. May they not let this Star pass without following It. The Lord wants to redeem men, accept Him.
    I take care of my children with plenty of love, don't be afraid. You have a long way to walk. And this I say for everybody; it is better to be led than to walk alone and stumble, trust the Lord."

Read: Col. 2: 1-2-3; Wis. 5: 1-2-3

December 17                             PM 49

    I use the Divine Goodness of the Father to convey my messages, which are nothing but the Lord wishes, that is why you who are the chosen one among the multitude should make
them known faithfully as I have given them to you, and as you have been doing until now. (She smells incense). This incense purifies you, the Sacred Heart of Jesus sends it for you.  Amen.

December 18             (ex 10)             PM 50

    Many of the Lord's sheep are lost and He wants to get them back; that is why the Great Shepherd says to the ones who are in His flock, do not leave it and do not move from His side.

The Lord is Light in the darkness,
water in the desert,
cover in the wilderness,
He feeds the hungry,
Those who believe in Him
will enjoy Eternal Life.
    Let this be known.

Read Rev. 1: 8-19; 2: 3, 7

December 18                             PM 51

    I do not believe in half ways: you are or you are not with the Lord. The Lord demands all from you, because He wants to make you worthy of His Kingdom.

Read: Lk. 6: 20-21

December 19             (ex 11)             PM 52

    During these days, (19-12-83) prayer should be intense and the trust in the Lord will be  full. Say it out loud. The next days will be fruitful for you.
Read: Lev. 26: 9, 11-12

December 19                             PM 53

    The Virgin asks us to pray an Our Father held by the hands and that this Our Father means union, so that we are all in union among ourselves and the Lord.
Read: 2 Peter 1: 19-20-21

December 20             (ex 12)             PM 54

    ... The Lord has no sword for you (if you follow the Lord) but plenty of Mercy and Love. I never talk to you in bad terms because you are with the Lord; I do so with the ones that resist the word of Christ. That is why I tell you to make what I say known, I do not want it to be lock in a drawer.

Read: Wis. 13:1; 6: 12-16; 15: 1-2-3

December 20                             PM 55

    Pray that your faith will illuminate your neighbor.

Read: Ex. 19: 4-5

December 21             (ex 13)             PM 56

    You cannot live without making a daily prayer to Our Heavenly Father, as you cannot live with hatred and ill-will. Go to the Lord in all your needs. He listens to those who ask with faith.
    Preach this.
Read: James 1: 2-12

December 21                             PM 57

    Do not feel dismay before some strong words from the Lord, always go on in the way. The Holy Spirit will not let you go back. There is Wisdom in the Lord, listen to Him.

Read: Is. 59: 21

December 22                             PM 58

    Pray that the Holy Spirit illuminate man's mind and he could see what the Lord offers Him.
    And that the poverty of their spirit is enriched by the Love that only the Sacred Heart of Jesus gives; also pray that a new year of searching for the Lord, of self giving to the Redeemer, be born, because His Heart is inflamed by Love for you. Pray, your prayer will be listened. Amen.
    Everything has its time of maturity, our thing is mature, it's time for it to be known. If you can ask for the land, do not let this time pass by.

Read: Jer 1: 4-10; 4: 18-19

December 23                             PM 59

    For what the future might bring, the Holy Spirit gives you such a strong armor that no bad thing from the exterior can penetrate and harm you, and gives you plenty of patience so that you can bear any wrong words told to you; but do not be afraid, nothing will get to you and no one will touch you.  Glory be to God.

Read: Joel, 2: 19-23

December 23                             PM 60

    ¿Why are you assaulted by fear and doubt? I do not want to see you like this, battered. I want to see you triumphal, because you are going to come out victorious in the Mission. "

December 24                             PM 61

    Today you, the Christian family, celebrate the coming of the Messiah; this fills me with joy, but my joy would be greater, knowing that every day of your lives, from now on, you
will remember the Lord. He knows of your needs and of their exact measure; give your lives for Him as He gave His for the world. Blessed are those that are with the Lord.

Read: Ps. 18: 3-4: Ps. 86

December 25             (Christmas)             PM 62

    Today give thanks to the Holy Spirit for what was given the previous day, and meditate on this special day. Look around you and set apart the good from the evil. Glory be to the Lord.

Read: Zac. 4, 6-7-8; Ef. 2, 1-10; Ageo 2, 5-8

December 26                             PM 63

    Do not try to know everything immediately, but on the contrary, I want you to understand everything slowly.

Read: Mk. 4: 13-23

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Messages - 1983

December 27                 (ex 14)        #1

    All Humanity is polluted, they do not know what they want, and it is the evil one's opportunity, but he will not prevail. Jesus Christ will win the big battle, you should not let yourselves be taken by surprise, you should be alert. That is why I ask for so much prayer, so much obedience to the Lord.
    I say this for the whole world. Preach this.

Read I Kgs 2: 3-4; Mich. 4: 2

December 28                                    # 2

    In the Luján Shrine:

    Today I welcome and salute you in this my great House, here where you come to honor your Father. You should build a similar one, you will do it in due time. You have the faith that many lack, and that the Lord demands so much. I want a big house to guard all of those who need me. My child, you should do it for Our Lord. Amen.
    The Lord protects you. Go in peace.

Read: Neh. 9, 30-31-32

December 29                                    # 3

    Talk about my messages, you cannot hide them. It's the will of your Father. He would not ask for something that could not be done, or say something that could not be spoken of.

Read: Mt. 10: 26-27-28-32-33; Mk. 7: 14-15-16

December 29                                    # 4

    Today's fasting is dedicated to your Father. I will put words in your mouth. Those that speak to you will listen attentively...
(This was said on occasion of a hearing with Mons. Rossi)

Read: Prov. 22: 17-21

December 30             (ex 15)                 #5

    Today I will not leave you alone; that will bring you peace of mind. Your mission goes beyond transmitting my messages: you were called to be a bearer of peace and for the urgent call of Jesus Christ to man's conversion, be known. I am worried by the whole
world; remember that only the Lord will save you.

Read: Jon. 4: 11 y Mich. 6: 8-9

December 31             (ex 16)             #6

    The Lord wants a people clean from sin to fulfill His promise of Eternal Life. You should be worthy of His Kingdom. Put yourselves in the hands of the Sacred Heart to keep an eye on you, do not fall into temptation and do not let the evil one get into you; that will please the Lord. Make this known.

Read: Deut. 4: 5-8; psalm 105, 1-5

December 31                                    # 7

    Of course you will improve day after day, and I understand you, my children. A Mother always understands and forgives his children. You are slow, but you are on the right track, you still need to understand many things, I say this for some of you. You should fulfill what I desire, do not take too long. The Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus will illuminate you to know what steps to follow. With the new year everything will be clearer, because it is full of promises for you all and the Lord always fulfills His promises. Amen.

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