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Negative Superman (Updated)
Superman White
Superman Blue (Updated)
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Superman Black
Super-Olsen (Updated)
Verro, The Super Ventriloquist (Updated)
Anti-Superman (Updated)
Bizarro Superman (Updated)
Bizarro No.1 (Updated)
Superman Red (Updated)
Superman Red (Updated)
Superman Red (Updated)


Silver Age Batman
Golden Age Batman
Ghost Batman
Robot Batman
Adam West Batman
Luminous Batman
Golden Garb Batman
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Negative Batman

Superman 1938
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Battle Damage Superman

Crazy Quilt
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Leslie Thompkins

OMAC Project
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Rainbow Blackbird
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Lois Lane
Perry White
Jimmy Olsen
Transvestite Jimmy
Wolf-Man Jimmy
Bizarro Jimmy
Ventriloquist's Dummy
Gian Turtle Man
Elastic Lad
Glamour Date Lucy Lane
Stewardess Lucy Lane
Mod Stripes Lucy Lane
Negative Superman
Superman Red
Superman Blue
Verro the Ventriloquist
Zebra Batman

Caveman Dig
Caveman Dug
Caveman Yabba
Sky Teen
Agent Jack Spade
Tricolour - 1964

Mr. T

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Clark Kent
Lex Luthor
Humphrey Bogart

The Joker
Professor Hugo Strange
Doctor No-Face
Polka-Dot Man
Original Batman
Two-Face 2
The Ghost of Batman
North Pole Batman
Luminous Batman
The Flying Batman
The Flaming Batman
Golden Garb Batman
The Rainbow Batman
The Negative Batman
Batman from Planet X
Batman Revenge Squad
Black Costume Batman
Bruce Wayne
Police Detective
Bruce Wayne

The Cavalier
Killer Moth
Captain Crimson
Salty John
Earl the Grey
Spooky Ghost Pirate
Black Pete


Solomon Grundy

A handy guide to Atomic Robot's custom-made skins for the Freedom Force computer game.

Rainbow Supermen
Coming Soon! Atomic Robot Will Return in 2008, starting with new and updated Superman skins. Until then, you may wish to enjoy some of his earlier skins at the following Yahoo Groups:

Bat-omic Robot Skins
The place to go to download and discuss the latest Caped Crusader related skins by Atomic Robot for use with the Freedom Force and Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich computer games. Home of the Polka-Dot Man skin.

More Fun With Atomic Robot
More fun skins for the Freedom Force computer game from your pal Atomic Robot. This second group of Atomic robot skins features original and pop culture skins, as well as a few odds and ends that don't fit in my other yahoo groups. Home of the Don Knotts and Mr. T skins.

Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Funhouse
Fun skins and things created by Atomic Robot to download and play with in the computer games Freedom Force and Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich. This group features original creations by Atomic Robot, and creations inspired by characters in the game.

Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Freakout
Featuring the comic book character skin stylings of Atomic Robot for use in the Freedom Force computer game. Hexed meshes, too! It's the ginchiest!

Atomic Robot's Game-Skin-O-Rama
Only a maniac wouldn't want to play with these delicious comic book themed skins for use with the Freedom Force video game. Don't be a maniac! Join this group today!

Hi, I'm Atomic Robot. Yes, that's my real name, by the way. My mother was an atomic bomb, and my father was a robot from the future. It's true! This website is a gallery of images and descriptions of "skins" I have created for use with the computer gameFreedom Force and it's sequel, Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich . You can play the games as any of these characters if you download these skins. The actual files to download are located at one of my several yahoo groups. As you check out the previews of the skins on these pages, just click on the picture of the skin, and it should link to the group where it is stored.

If you don't have Freedom Force or Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich yet, you should go out and buy copies right away! Seriously, you can get the first game really cheap, like for less than 10 bucks. They're really good games, too, with a devoted fan following and lots of free community made mods, skins, and stuff you can play with after you finish the main campaigns. The gameplay itself is kind of hard to describe, it's sort of tactical, real-time strategy comic-book superhero action with RPG elements. The best part of the is you get to design your own superhero character, complete with all the powers, abillities, and weaknesses that superheroes have in the comics. You can use it to recreate your favorite characters or create all-new ones. Trust me, these games are fun, they're some of my all time favorites!

If you still don't want to buy the games, you can still look at my skins if you download the free character tool available from the modforce section of the official Freedom Force site. You'll also have to download the proper meshes that the skins fit upon to view the skins. Some of the meshes are available from modforce, others from various fan-sites around the 'net. When you download my skins, I usually include a text file that tells you what mesh you need, and where you can go to download it. Much of that information is included on this website as well.

The links at the upper left take you to the different sections of this site where you can preview my skins. After you're done here, I've also got links to some other sites where you can download new skins and mods by other artists, and find out more about Freedom Force.

Finally, I want to point out that this site and my skins are in no way licensed, or endorsed, by Irrational Games, or any of the copyright holders of the various characters I have skinned. This is a non-profit fan-site designed to promote and pay tribute to this great game and these great characters. All intelectual property rights are held by the creators and/or owners of the characters themselves, not by me, except for the skins on this site that are original characters, those are all mine, baby.

Have Fun!
Your Pal,
Atomic Robot

Update: October 10, 2005

Yellow Lantern's Silver Age Batman Mesh
NEW SKINS! Yellow Lantern has a cool new Silver Age Batman mesh out. It comes with two skins by Atomic Robot, a Silver Age Batman and a Golden Age Batman. I've also got some more skins for this mesh that you can download here, including Adam West as Batman, Robot Batman, and more.

Update: September 16, 2005
Five Superman Skins

Superman Skins
NEW SKINS! Five new skins for Renegade's Superman mesh. Superman 1938, Superman 1941, Superman, Battle Damage Superman, and Mad Magazine's Superduperman. Download them here.

Update: August 29, 2005
Leslie Thompkins

Leslie Thompkins
NEW SKIN! A skin of Leslie Thompkins from her first appearance in the classic Batman story, "There is no Hope in Crime Alley," originally published in Detective Comics #457 in 1976. For Irrational's civilian_female mesh. Download it here.

Update: August 18, 2005
Crazy Quilt, Clayface II, Three Robins

Crazy Quilt! Crazy Quilt was originally created by Jack Kirby as an enemy of the Boy Commandos, then later on became a Batman villain with a particular hatred of Robin. Here he is in all his patchwork glory, on a pulp_versatile hex.

Clayface II! When Matt Hagan accidentally immerses himself in a pool of mysterious rainbow colored glowing protoplasm, his body is transformed into that of the malleable "Clayface;" shape-changing criminal extraordinaire! Clayface II is presented on Texas Jack's Beast Boy mesh.

Robin! Dick Grayson as the Boy (and later Teen) wonder. Three (plus one alternate) new skins of Robin at the approximate ages of 13, 16, and 19, for the male_teen_cape_12, male_teen_cape_14, and male_cape_nobelt meshes.

Update: July 28 , 2005
The OMAC Project

NEW SKIN! The modern version of OMAC from the OMAC Project miniseries. Download it here.

Update: July, 2005
Batman Begins

NEW SKINS! Batman in his costume form the movie Batman Begins. Download it here.

Update: July, 2005
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman

NEW SKINS! New skins of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I've gone for more of a modern look for these skins, as opposed to my usual 'Silver Age' style. Batman also has two alternate costumes.

Download the Batman skins here.

Download the Superman and Wonder Woman skins here.

Update: June, 2005
Rainbow Blackbird

NEW SKINS! New recolored skins of Blackbird, by request. One version of her in a rainbow-striped outfit, and then seven skins in various colors of the rainbow. Download them skins here.

Update: May, 2005
Weird World of Jimmy Olsen, and Much, Much, More!

NEW SKINS! A whole mess of JImmy Olsen and Superman skins, plus a couple of Batman ones, too. Optimized for both FF1 and FFv3R. Skins include Lois Lane, Perry White, Lucy Lane, Transvestite Jimmy Olsen, The Zebra Batman, and many more.A total of 21 new skins! Preview them in my Superman and Batman sections, then download them from my yahoo groups here and here.

Update: March, 2005
Sky-Thing and Sky Teen

NEW SKINS/HERO FILES! The Sky-Thing and Sky Teen, an updated take on Sky King, speculating on what he would be like in the 1960's. For FFv3R. Download here.

Update: March, 2005

NEW SKINS/HERO FILES! A trio of angry Cavemen. For FF and FFv3R. Download here.

Update: March, 2005
Tricolour 1964

Updated version of Tricolour, speculating on what she would be like in the 1960's. Comes with three teenage sidekicks. Download here.

Update: March, 2005
Secret Agent Jack Spade

An updated version of Black Jack, speculating on what he would be like in the 1960's. Download here.

Older News and Updates
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