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to go to screen shots click here

well i jus added a new link it is on the front pg on the bottom u will see it the sites naruto fan with all your naruto sources ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i got something but not much well it will be impossible for me to get episodes so im adding a link where u get episodes hope u enjoy ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i improved the character pg now i got kakashi characternote:i realise sasuke and sakura wernt updated well that will be done now then sorry for taking longer ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i improved the characters pg(naruto)and i got the character for sasuke and sakura hope you enjoy it took me 30:00 also i got a new pole question so read before answer ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i made a knew pg finally for naruto it's a character pg but only on naruto i will update that in a while enjoy ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i know i didn't update for a while but to tell u the truth the true reason is im not really interested in dragonball/z/gt anymore so im planning to make a new section it will be all naruto here is a picture so you know how it's like hope u like chang of layout ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i got the new pg for screen shots theres three added so yay more screen shots ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well nothing much just changed layout abit not much to do anymore dont have any room now so there wont be much coming for some while ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i havent updated for a while well i got two new roms for genesis but no knew emulater (sorry)but the roms work and i will get a genesis emulater when i find one. i also changed the layout a bit ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i improved the screen shots section so i added seven more pictures soon i will have to start making another pg for these screen shots ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well people nothing new really but i decided to keep the screen shots also i like the way it is with the click here i probobly will just keep the way that is two well anyways heres the update well got some more pictures for the screen shots about six more to be edjact and anyways to get to the screen shots now is on top of the updates stuff and will only be in this pg ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well as a test im goona see if you want screen shots click here if you wanna see them if theres like okay traffic then i'll put it on and update that alot ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i hate to say it but nothing new will come for a while welll anyways hers the updates one new pictrure for manga pictures the layout kinda changed for some pges cause they werent all the same ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i got a new pg finally a pg of manga pictures it goes to the picture section and theres about two pictures more will come soon and i improved the about pg changed everything really. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well since most people voted on working on roms i'll try getting all the roms and emulaters working. for now boy cott advance is working for gba ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well i tried making power levals abit smaller i did it but still has the information but looks alot better well i hope you enjoy the new look ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

well something new i got more information on the moves pg now got goten moves and a picture of him and that is all ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ well got one new nes rom goku den i will sometime soon get a new nes emulater romking62