Tasker Town, Bangalore: Photographs.

Tasker Town
The name 'Tasker Town' always rang in my ears from my early days as a place in Bangalore where the school children played games barefooted!! Not that they were under privilidged, but because they just played that way. I don't know why the thought embedded itself in my mind. The name 'Tasker Town' was familiar, but not a place I could locate or direct anyone to, I soon discovered, a good many decades later where it was actually situated. For those of you Bangalorewallas and visitors, it is between Shivijinagar and Queens Road, bordering perhaps Central Street and INfantary Roads.

In November 2002, I decided to cover this area as many houses were disappearing, some with the help of nature like trees falling on them (of course the roots of the trees were loosend with the help of man, digging for drainage, fibre optic cables, telephone cables, electric cables, water pipes, you name it, and it has been done!!). Some of the most elegant and distinct architecture buildings are located on the side roads leading off from Queens Road. I shot these in the earlt hours of the moring, with the sun in my eyes, as I was free and determined to complete the memory circle. It had to be done. Just stroll down my memory lane.
Below are photos of houses around Chinnaswamy Mudlair Rd, Munshi Rd, Park Rd, Curve Rd.

A tree had fallen on this house, demolished
Corner house Same house other end Sighting an old house between lanes
A beautiful example of good maintenance
Colourful neighbours
Further down the lane
Further up is into Shivajinagar
Up another street
The cross roads Going up Park Rd Difference in roof top styles
Going still further up
still further up, unspoiled that harominize with eachother Distintive top, sorry about the sun Twin to a house at the back rd
Around the corner
Another beautifully kept building Still another An earlier generation
View from Venkataswamy Naidu street

These photos were shop earlier from the back of my bike by my friend Rajiv Chandrabanhu, before the traffic one-way restrictions came into place. Now if you want to go to Cantonnment Station from Queens Road, it's as before, straight through! But sorry, you cannot return back along Queens Road. You would have to go around Millers Road via Cunningham Road(now that too has gone one-way), so it's via Alliance Francois Institute till you reach the Millers Road, turn left and join Cunningham Rd. If you still try to return on Queens road, you will be 'forced' to turn left at the Lady Kothari Jahinger junction and head towards Shivijinagar!! So much for fuel saving and pollution!!
Some of the buildings on Venkataswamy Naidu Street.

Lady Jahingir Kothari Memorial Hall

Buildings similar in style to Gandhinagar
Another building
The College Building
Corner building similar to Queens Road buildings

Typical Corporation School


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