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Flags of Persia/Iran:
Afshar Dynasty; Empire of Persia 1736-1747;
Kingdom of Khorasan 1747-1795

National Flags

Nader Shah 1736-1747

Adel Shah 1747-1748

Ebrahim Shah & Shahrokh Mirza 1748-1794

Other Flags

Imperial Standard

Dynasty Standard

Dynasty Standard
(version2) 1736-1794

State Standard

War Banner(Striped)

War Banner(Tricolor)

Vassals of Persia Under Afshar Dynasty

Kingdom of Georgia

Velayat of Herat

Khanate of Khorazm

Velayat of Qandahar

Imamate of Oman & Muscat

Emirate of Bukhara

(a.k.a. Khanate of Kalat)

Mughal Empire of India

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