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Persian Symbols of Modern era

Lion & Sun
Persia circa 16th Century-1979
This design is from Qajar period
Lion & Sun
Tajikistan 1992-1993
Persian Leopard
Zoroastrian Eternal Fire
Azerbaijan 1992-present
Persian Homa Bird
Uzbekistan 1992-present
Lion & Eagle
Armenia 1992-present

Flags of Persia/Iran - پرچم های ایران

Flags of glorious Ancient Iranian Empires(Pre-Islamic period)

Flags of Islamic period

Flags of the Persian Independent States(not ruled by Arab Caliphs)

Baduspanid Principality: Independant 660-823
As Governors 823-1475
Flags needed, please email webmaster
Bavandid Principality: Independant 665-854
As Governors 854-1349
Flags needed, please email webmaster
Dabuyid Principality: Independant 650-762Flags needed, please email webmaster
Qarinid PrincipalityQarinid 'Red Clad Banner' of Maziyar Qarin c.839
Khorasan 747-755
Khurramids & Neo-Mazdakites of Khorasan 755, 759-779, 766
Khurramids of Azerbaijan & Western Persia 816-838

Flags of Persian Renaissance Period

Flags of small Persian emirates who acted as governors for the bigger states

Justanid Dynasty: 790-1000Flags needed, please email webmaster
Dulafid Dynasty: 830-897Flags needed, please email webmaster
Sajid Dynasty: 889-929Flags needed, please email webmaster
Abu Shoja Ahmad Ibn Abdollah Kojistani: 875-882Flags needed, please email webmaster
Rafi Ibn Harsama: 882-896Flags needed, please email webmaster
Simjurid Dynasty: 922-982Flags needed, please email webmaster
Mahmoud Qarategin: 947-952Flags needed, please email webmaster
Shaddadid Dynasty: 951-1176Flags needed, please email webmaster
Hasanawayhid Dynasty: 961-979Flags needed, please email webmaster
Musafirid/Sallarid/Kangarid Dynasty: 941-1062Flags needed, please email webmaster
Rawwadid Dynasty: 941-1071Flags needed, please email webmaster
Kakuyid Dynasty: 1007-1120Flags needed, please email webmaster

Flags of Atabegs Period

Annazid Dynasty: Independant 991-1054
As Atabegs 1055-1190
Flags needed, please email webmaster
Eldeguzid/Ildenizid Dynasty: 1137-1230Flags needed, please email webmaster
Pishkinoglu Dynasty: 1190-1226Flags needed, please email webmaster
Salghurid Dynasty: 1148-1287Flags needed, please email webmaster
Hazaraspid Dynasty: 1148-1430Flags needed, please email webmaster
Mueyyid Dynasty: 1161-1183Flags needed, please email webmaster

Flags of small dynasties

Qutlugh-Khanid Dynasty: 1222-1308Flags needed, please email webmaster
Kartid Dynasty: 1245-1389Flags needed, please email webmaster
Mozaffarid Dynasty: 1314-1393Flags needed, please email webmaster
Injuid Dynasty: 1325-1357Flags needed, please email webmaster
Sarbedarid Dynasty: 1332-1386Flags needed, please email webmaster
Jalayirid Sultanate: 1335-1431a soldier carrying Flag of Jalayirid Sultanate of Persia & Iraq
Sayyid Dynasty: 1357-1525Flags needed, please email webmaster

Flags of the Modern Persia & Iran

Other flags or flags with direct link to external site

Persian Colonies & Vassalages

Ethnic Flags of Iran

Iran is a nation where a single flag(that being the national flag of Iran) is the only valid and acceptable flag. The followings are only for presentational purposes. No ethnic flag has any validity in the nation of Iran. Although the flags of religious minorities such as Zoroastrians and Assyrians could be acceptable flags as these flag represent the followers of those religions across the globe.

As for the following flags, some have been used in the past such as the flag of Persians perhaps by opposition pro-Axis Persian Government based in Kermanshah during the period of WWI. The flag of Gilaki people is merely the flag of Nehzat-e Jangal(The Forest Movement) which also was used during WWI period and some years prior. The flag of the Kurds was also raised in 1946 during the establishment of Republic of Mahabad and ever since then has come to represent all Kurdish people across the world. The flag of the Azeri people shown here was raised in the years approximately 1918-1920s in areas located in modern West Azerbaijan province, note the similarity to the flag of Turkey.

Some other flags below such as that of the Qashqaei and Khalaj are symbolic flags and not commonly used by members of those ethnic groups.

Lastly the remaining flags have been raised by various separatist movement and organisations, these are aspirational flags used in their propaganda for their imaginary nations. These flags are only used by a small minority. Thus, ethnic flags do not exist in Iran and these flags have been collected from various websites to merely present them for the purpose of showing their colors and design.

Flags of the Indo-Iranian Nations - پرچم های کشورهای آریایی

Indo-Iranian people comprise of Persians(Farsi,Parsees,Tajiks,Taleshi,Gilaki and Mazandarani),Kurds(Sorani,Zaza,Kirmanji,Laki),Lurs(Luri and Bakhtiari),Alans(Ossetians and Alans),Pashtuns(Pakhtuns/Pashtuns and Pathans) and Baluchs. For more information visit Ethnologue website

Flags of current(ie. existing) Indo-Iranian Nations

Islamic Republic of IranCapital: Tehran

Islamic State of AfghanistanCapital: Kabul

Republic of TajikistanCapital: Dushanbe

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, TajikistanCapital: Khorugh

Autonomus Region of Kurdistan, IraqCapital: As-Sulaymaniyah

Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, RussiaCapital: Vladikavkaz

Republic of South Ossetia, GeorgiaCapital: Tskhinvali

North West Frontier Province, PakistanCapital: Peshawar

Balochistan Province, PakistanCapital: Quetta

Flags of former Indo-Iranian Nations

Republic of Talysh-Mughan, Azerbaijan
circa 1993
Capital: Lankaran
Baluchistan States Union, Pakistan
3 Oct 1952-14 Oct 1955
Capital: Kalat
Republic of Mahabad, Iran
22 Jan 1946 - 15 Dec 1946
Capital: Mahabad
Republic of Ararat, Turkey
1927 to 1931
Capital: Agri
Kingdom of Southern Kurdistan in Iraq
1922 to 1923
Capital: Mosul
Soviet Socialist Republic of Gilan, Iran
5 Jun 1920 - 23 Oct 1921
Capital: Rasht
Autonomous State of Khorasan, Iran
2 Apr 1921 - 6 Oct 1921
Capital: Mashhad
Emirate of Soran, Iraq
1816 to 1835
Capital: Rawanduz
Baluchistan, Iran & Pakistan
1638-31 Mar 1948
Capital: Kalat

Aspirational Flags of non-existant Indo-Iranian Nations

Flags of countries who gained their independence from Iran or became a territory of other countries(16th Century onwards)

Current FlagCountry NameIndependence Detail
AfghanistanIndpendence: Jul 1747
Persian territory of Herat returned to Afghanistan 4 Apr 1857
ArmeniaTo Russia:
Treaty of Turkmenchay, 21 Feb 1828
AzerbaijanTo Russia:
Treaty of Gulistan, 24 Oct 1813
Treaty of Turkmenchay, 21 Feb 1828
BahrainIndependence: 15 Aug 1971
GeorgiaTo Russia:
Treaty of Gulistan, 24 Oct 1813
IraqTo Ottoman Empire:
KuwaitTo Ottoman Empire:
Omanregained independence as Imamate of Muscat & Oman 1749
PakistanTo Britain:
QatarTo Ottoman Empire:
Tajikistanregained Independence as part of Khanate of Bukhara, c.Jul 1747
TurkmenistanTo Russia:
Treaty of Akhal, 21 Sep 1881
UzbekistanIndependence regained as Khanate of Bukhara Jul 1747
To Russia:
Western part of today's Uzbekistan:Treaty of Akhal, 21 Sep 1881
UAETo Britain:
Trucial treaties of 1853 & 1892

Sources: logo of this website:Babr-o-Khorshid is a symbol that exists on the gates of Sher-Dar Madrasa located in Samarqand, this great city at various times was capital of Khorasan. This symbol closely resembles the famous Shir-o-Khorshid an old Persian symbol, which inspired me to place it on a flag with the tri-colors of Persia.

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