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Flags of Persia/Iran:
Pahlavi Dynasty; Empire of Iran 1925-1979

National Flags

Description: 1935-1941
Iran Flag 1935-1941
Description: 1941-1964
Iran Flag 1941-1964
Description: 1964-1979
Iran Flag 1964-1979
Animated Imperial Flag
Imperial Iran Flag Animated
Pahlavi Dynasty State Embelm

Pahlavi Dynasty Coat of Arms

Autonomous State Flags

Democratic Republic of South Azerbaijan
(10 Dec 1945 - 11 Dec 1946)

Republic of Mahabad
(22 Jan 1946 - 15 Dec 1946)

State of Bahrain

Dynasty & Government Officials' Flags

Pahlavi Dynasty Imperial Ensign

Reza Shah's Personal Flag

State Embelm Lion with straight sword

Imperial Standard(tricolor version)

Imperial Standard(blue first version)

Imperial Standard(blue second version)

Flag of Shahanshah Aryamehr Mohammad Reza

Flag of Empress Farah

Flag of Crown Prince Reza

Crown Prince Standard

Prince Standard

Cabinet Ministers' flag

Minister of War and Navy

Ambassadors' flag

Ambassador Plenipotentiary

Customs Flag

Red Lion and Sun Society(Iran's alternative to Red Cross)

The Masthead Pennant

Military Flags

Imperial Armed Forces

Imperial Armed Forces Special Units

Imperial Immortal Guards Units

Army Corps General

Army Division General

Army Brigade General

Imperial Iranian Army War Banner

Pilot Flag

Navy Admiral

Navy Rear Admiral

Navy Commander

Navy Commander of Military Port

Navy Commander of Smaller Force

Navy Senior Officer Afloat

War & Navy Ensign 1964-1979

Iran Aircraft Finflash

Iran Aircraft Roundel

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