*You must download the graphic and put it on your hard drive.
(right click and save picture as) Geocities does not permit
remote linking and it will show up broken on your page

* You have 14 days to put the HTML code and the webring image
on your site or automatic removal.

* Please email RingMistress
after you have added the correct HTML fragment
to your site.

* Keep your email and URL accurate,
broken email and URL will send you  to the queue.

*PLEASE sign up with the page where the fragment will be!
I hate having to hunt down the fragment and I WILL move it.

* If your site doesn't qualify for our webring,
we will it remove from the ring. All sites MUST
be child and animal friendly!

We invite you to visit our personal site, which is
linked below the submit form. Meet our variety of
spoiled pets and we think you will find much of interest.

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