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Books About Medieval Armor

Lots of people looking to buy or build SCA armor (perhaps looking through my list of SCA armorers on the web) have asked me what medieval armor looks like, how it worked, and how to make it. There are lots of books and videos about it. I have compiled a list of as many of them as I could find, with links to purchase them on

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As you read through these books, you may notice that hisotrical armor was not always SCA legal. Certain allowances must be made to historical accuracy in order for armor to be safe in SCA combat. Somehat appropriately, the armor that seems to fit the SCA's requirement for safety and protection the most is armor of knights and soldiers from approximately 1350-1550, the transitional period through the Hundred Year's War and the century following. Some people also envision this as the typical medieval armor. The period does surround the writing of Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur, the most influential of Arthurian books, and many consider it the height of medieval culture before the developments of the Renaissance.

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