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Ervald's SCA Armor Pages

Welcome to Ervald the Optimistic's pages of SCA armor reference.

Over my years in the Society for Creative Anacrhonism, I have seen many people looking for SCA legal armor, wondering what medieval armor looked like, how it worked, and trying to find SCA armorers on the internet. The world wide web is full of resources for the SCA armor shopper and researcher. I have collected as many of these resources in one place as possible: right here.

Click on the links below and begin your exploration into the wonderful world of steel, leather, plastic, and rattan.

SCA armorers on the web
Books and videos about medieval, renaissance, and ancient armor
Books about historical combat and swordfighting
Books about medieval warfare
Websites about making armor
Links to sites on the web about historical armor
Illustrations of popular armor during the SCA period

The Pennsic War Video Documentary
The ultimate list of SCAdian interest movies

*Ervald the Optimistic is the SCA persona of Zorikh Lequidre
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