On-line JRIII Gettysburg mini-scenario
copyright 2001 Scott Mingus
"Pardee Field" Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 3rd, 1863 a.m.
On the morning of July 3rd, 1863, Robert E. Lee ordered portions of Ewell's Corps to attack "barb" of the fishhook-shaped Union line. This Johnny RebIII scenario is intended to be a "kitchen-table" wargame, playable on a small space easily within one evening's sitting using moderate amounts of troops. It is an ideal game for a recreational simulation, or for introducing new players to the JRIII gaming system.
Sketch from the 19th century periodical Battles and Leaders showing the 29th Pennsylvania Infantry in action on the slopes of Culp's Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg.
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* Historical background
* Order of Battle
* Game Objectives
* Terrain notes
* Table layout / map
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