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        I am a commercial photographer in Moncton, N.B. I am also an avid Scouter with a keen interest in our Scouting history. This web page will be dedicated to bringing you old photos and stories of our Canadian Scouting History. In most cases, the stories will be new and the photos rare (taken from personal collections as opposed to books). This site will be a work in progress as I hope to be adding new sections as time permits. I am slowly compiling a library of Canadian photographs to be archived on Compact Disc. If you have any images / stories you would like to share, or would like me to send you a full size scan of any of my images, please drop me a line.

CANADIAN SCOUTS AT THE 1929 WORLD JAMBOREE : This is the story of the Canadian contingent who sailed to England to attend the great COMING OF AGE JAMBOREE. The photos are courtesy of Frank Donahoe and the text is from The Dominion Jamboree Committee's report to the Chief Scout for Canada.
BRITISH GUIDE REMEMBERS THE 1929 WORLD JAMBOREE : I received e-mail from a fellow Scouter in Ontario.  She told me how her grandmother lived near Arrowe Park and had visited the 1929 Jamboree as a member of the Guiding movement. She contacted her grandmother in England and was sent the following photos along with this note. 
SCOUTING IN THE 1930s IN HALIFAX, N.S. : This is a collection of camp photos taken in the middle to late 30s and two images of B.P.'s visit to Halifax. All images courtesy of Maurice Pelton and Family. This site takes a little longer to load than some due to the large number of Photos

1927 KOOTENAY HIKE LOG: Scouter Gene McIvor of Kimberley BC wrote to me and said "A fellow who was working in our mill found out that I was a Scouter. He brought me a tattered mimeograph - apparently transcribed from the original account. It was nearly illegible, but after many days, I managed to deciper it all and put it in the word format that you now have." This is the actual log kept on the 1927 hike from East to West Kootenay.

THE CHIEF SCOUT YARNS: This is a site containing articles written by B.P. that were published in THE SCOUT ANNUAL EDITIONs 1919 & 1920. He wrote a YARN every week in the publication on subjects of Scoutcraft, sports, world peace, jamborees, or almost anything he felt like talking to the youth about.  These are a great insider's look at what Scouting was all about during its early years.

8th WORLD JAMBOREE ( CANADA 1955):  In 1955, Canada hosted the World Jamboree in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Henry Beer attended the Jamboree and kept a journal of his adventure.  This is his story of his "Trip of a Lifetime" from Pictou, Nova Scotia to the Jamboree in Ontario.  Many thanks to Mr. Beer for sharing.  MORE PHOTOS   &   VIEWMASTER

Since I first posted this web site in September of 1997, I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I have received, not only from across Canada, but from all over the world as well. I have enjoyed trading email with the many people who have contacted me. Now, being a bit of a badge collector as well as an historian, I would like to make a standing offer to those of you who collect as well. The badges pictured below are representitave of my district, province and country. I would offer to trade (through the regular mail) any or all of these badges for comparable ones from your area/country. If you are interested, please email me for my mailing address.

I would like to extend a special THANKS to the following people who have generously helped me in the production of this web site : Henry Beer, Don Brumby, Sandi Burns, Pat Crain, Frank Donahoe, Margaret Hignett, Gene McIvor, Lew Orans, Mike Pelton, Vernon Pelton, and my wife Laura.


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