Native American Languages
(North- and South- American)

. Abenaki
. Achastlian
. Aymara
. Carrier
. Cherokee
. Cheyenne
. Cree
. Dakelh
. Diné
. Eskimo: Aleut
. Eskimo: Inuit
. Guaran-
. Halkomelem
. Heve
. Inuit

. Massachusetts
. Mayan
. Mingo
. Mutsun
. Naskapi
. Navaho
. Návajo
. Pima
. Potawatomi
. Quechua
. Rumsen
. Runsien
. Wyandot
. Yinka Dene

Sites with Multiple Languages
Alaska Native Language Center
.......... Alaska Native languages index
The John Carter Brown Library New.
.......... Indian Languages Database New.


. Welcome to the Abenaki Language


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Carrier / les Porteurs / Dakelh / Taculli / Takulie  

. The Yinka Déné Language Institute

Cherokee  (Tsa-la-gi)

The Syllabary ("Alphabet")
. Sequoyah's Original Syllabary
. "the People's Paths home page!" Cherokee Syllabary GIF
. Cherokee Syllabary and Pronunciation Guide
. GIF image 575x445 pixels || Syllabary || 
. Cherokee Images -- Language: Pronunciation
. Melissa's Myriad: Cherokee Syllabary Page
. "Ancient Scripts of the World" -- Cherokee
. Cherokees of California: The Cherokee Writing System New.

The Language
. Cherokees of California New Address.
. Cherokees of California: the Cherokee language
. Cherokees of California: History of the language  alt address
. Raven's Tsalagi (Cherokee) site, offering language information

. A Small Lexicon of Tsalagi words


. Cheyenne-English Online Dictionary New.

Cree   (this is not Creek)

. Cree Language Lessons

Eskimo: Aleut   No links, yet.
Eskimo: Inuit and Yupik  

Yupik / Yup'ik: Alaskan and Siberian

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Inuit: Alaskan, Canadian, Greenlandic

Alaskan Inuit: Iñupiaq / Inupiatun

. Inupiatun English Dictionary New.
. Inupiaq language resources on Alaskool.org New.

. Dictionary New Address.
. InupiaQ Dictionary . Interactive InupiaQ Dictionary
. Interactive InupiaQ Dictionary  Iñupiaq On-line Dictionary
Alaskool's online Inupiaq Phrasebook start page . Alaskool's Inupiaq Phrasebook index

Canadian Inuit: Inuktitut (There are sub-dialects with other names also.)

General Information about the Inuit languages
. Nunavut's Languages - Inuktitut / Inuinnaqtun New.
. Office of the Languages Commissioner of Nunavut New.
. Les langues du Nunavut - L'inuktitut / inuinnaqtun (French) New.
. Le Bureau du Commissaire aux langues du Nunavut (French) New.

. BrockU.CA: Inuktitut Titirausiq Website died.
. BrockU.CA: qaniujaaqpait Website died.
. Write in Inuit (Eskimo) New.
. Inuktitut / Inuinnaqtun - Writing Systems ... New.
. Inuktitut Project: Learning Materials New.

. A UCAS font Website died.
. Yamada Language Center: Inuit Fonts New.

Greenlandic Inuit: Kalaallisut

VISL - Greenlandic New.

Guaraní . English-guarani dictionary New.
. Interactive Guarani Dictionary New.
. Ñe'êndy: dreisprachiges Wörterbuch Guarani-Spanisch-Deutsch New. Trilingual Dictionary of Guaran--Spanish-German.

Halkomelem . Native Peoples, Plants & Animals: Halkomelem New. . Peoples, Plants and Animals: Halkomelem New.
. Halkomelem Dialects New.

Massachusetts / Massachusett   . Algonquian texts New. At the Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst. . Understanding Algonquian Indian Words (New England) New. Brief Dictionary of Massachusett-Narragansett languages General introduction to the texts . The Indian Bible (Massuchusetts language) New.
Mayan: Modern Mayan Languages  
(for Ancient Mayan see Ancient Languages Page) . Welcome to the Maya Site New. Database of modern Mayan words.
. KEYWORD Keyword search. New.
. Information About the Database New.
. Kaqchikel Mayan at University of Kansas New.

A list of modern Mayan languages:

Cac'chiquel / Kaqchikel (see Mam Cac'chiquel)
Ch'ol de Tila etc
Ch'ol de Tumbalá
Chamula (see Tzotzil Chamula)
Chicomucelteco /
Chontal de Tabasco
Chuj de San Mateo Ixtatán / Chapai
Huasteco Potosino (de San Luís Potosí)
Huasteco Sureste (de San Francisco Chontla etc.)
Huasteco de Tabasco / Yocot'an
Huasteco Tantoyuca
Kaqchikel / Cac'chiquel (see Mam Cac'chiquel)
Lacandón / Lacanjá / Najá
Mam Cac'chiquel / Kaqchikel

. Kaqchikel Mayan at University of Kansas New. Mam Chuchumatán Todos Santos
Mam Norteño
Mam Tacaneco / Mamé /
Mam Tectiteco / Tectitán / Teco
Mocho (de Tuzantán y Motozintla) = Motozintleco / Tuzanteco
Quiché (this is not Quechua)
Yucateco Chan Santa Cruz
Yucateco Peninsular
Tacaneco (see Mam Tacaneco)
Tectitán (see Mam Tectiteco)
Tectiteco (see Mam Tectiteco)
Tojolabal / Chañabal / Comiteco
Tzeltal Bachajón
Tzeltal Oxchuc / Tenejapa / Chanal / Cancuc / Tenango
Tzotzil Ch'enalhó
Tzotzil Chamula
Tzotzil Huixtán / Huixteco
Tzotzil San Andrés Larrainzar
Tzotzil San Bartolomé Venustiano Carranza
Tzotzil Zinacanteco / Zinacantán

Mingo  (Unyææshæötká', ... )
. Mingo-EGADS New address. . Mingo Mini-Lessons New address. . Mingo-EGADS Alternative new address. . Mingo Mini-Lessons Alternative new address.
. Iroquoian Languages Alternative new address. About the Iroquoian language family, to which Mingo belongs.
With a very interesting graphic, indicating the relationships among the Iroquoian languages, all without resorting to any "tree" diagrams.

Mutsun / Rumsen / Runsien / Achastlian

. Project Gutenberg archives: A Vocabulary or Phrase Book of the Mutsun Language, Spoken at the Mission of San Juan Bautista, Alta California, by Father Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta (1861) (Spanish) New.

Language spoken at California Missions: San Juan Bautista, San Carlos, and La Soledad.


. Introduction - Naskapi Lexicon

. Get Naskapi Fonts - Naskapi Lexicon
. Naskapi Syllabic Chart - Naskapi Lexicon
  at the official national "Library and Archives of Canada".

Návajo / Navaho   (Diné)

. Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary
. WETA: Teachers Guide: Woven by the Grandmothers

O'odham : Papago & Pima

Potawatomi / Potewatemi  (bode'wadmimo / Potewatemi )

. Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe: History, Language, Culture New. . Potawatomi Dictionary New.

Quechua / Quichua / Kechwa  (Runasimi)
(this is not Quiché)

. A few words on Quechua
. Some Intriguing Aspects of Quechua for Linguists New Address.

. Quechua Language and Linguistics - Contents Page New.
. Quechua Bibliography - by Theme and with Reviews New.
. Comparative Study of Andean Languages: Contents Page New.
. Introduction to Quechua New.
. Quechua language Program via the Internet New.

Alphabet / Pronunciation
. Corresponding sounds of 6 different Runasimi (Quechua) dialects

Lessons / Grammars
. Materiales de estudio de Quechua (Spanish)
. Quechua - Home Page de Jorge R. Alderetes Old address, still works.
. Quechua - Home Page de Jorge R. Alderetes New Address.
. Quechua Lesson Index
. Curso de Quechua / Lima - Perú (English) New Address.
. Curso de Quechua / Lima - Perú (Spanish) New Address.
. Curso de Quechua - Red Cient-fica Peruana same as above.
. Quechua en Cochabamba - Home Page

. Quechua en Cochabamba - Conjugación
. Quechua en Cochabamba - Sufijos
. Transitionen im Kechwa Ancashino (German) . Quechua Ancashino
. kechwa
. Transitionen im Kechwa Ancashino (German) New Address. ???? . Quechua Ancashino New Address. ????
. kechwa New Address. ????
. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF QUECHUA TEXTS AND RESOURCES  Bibliography with comments in Spanish.

Vocabularies, Dictionaries, Lexicons, Glossaries, Terminologies
. Runasimi (Quechua)  New Address.
. Six-dialect dictionary plus German, English, Spanish, French  New Address.
. Quechua en Cochabamba - Dictionnaire quechua-francais
. Quechua en Cochabamba - Dictionnaire francais-quechua New.
. Diccionario del Quechua ancashino  (Spanish-Quechua)
. Diccionario del Quechua ancashino - español: Búsqueda de palabra New Address.
. Diccionario del Quechua ancashino - español: Búsqueda de palabra New Address.
. English to Quechua Dictionnary New Address.
. Vocabulario del Quichua Santiagueño
. kechwa (German)

Wyandot . Wyandot Nation of Kansas Website New.
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