by Alex Kew, 8th April 1999

1) Both eyes looking at tip of own nose ( nasal gaze)

2) Tongue rolled up, tip touching palate ( tongue lock)

3) Hands together ( palm to palm or palm to back)


1) Sleeping position - sleep with head towards east, legs towards west (bio-magnetism)

2) Confucianism - my explanation on i) cultivating self, ii) regulate the family, iii) purify (govern) the country & iv) bring peace to the whole world

Details : Meditation

The 4 lines stanza in the Diamond Sutra - The Vajracehedika Prajna Paramita Sutra -is [All phenomena are like - A dream, an illusion, a bubble and a shadow - Like dew and lightning - Thus should you meditate ( visualize) upon them.] Meditate or visualize on what?

So I refer to the Sutra of Visualizing to get the answers. The first visualization - the thinking of the sun - is quite clear. When we look at our own nose, imagine it as the sun. If you paint the sight before you, it is an illusion/abstraction, not the real thing. By careful examination, you can see something like an X. This resembles the Buddhist Swastika and also an indication of the Ten Directions of the Western Quarter.

Quote - The Buddha told Vaidehi "You - and all beings - should concentrate your minds on one point and think about the Western Quarter. How is one to think of of that? Anyone who is going to think of that should not be a person born blind; and anyone who has eyes must have seen the sun sinking in the west ".

In the Bhagavad-Gita, 2 methods of meditation are mentioned. The correct and true method is the nasal gaze i.e. looking at the tip of one's own nose. Many yoga books mention it but discourage the readers because of giddiness. These giddiness is a curtain to an entrance. If you can not open the curtain, you will not get into the door.

In the Holy Koran, Surah XLVIII, Victory verse 29 - [ The mark of them is on their foreheads from the traces of prostration. Such is their likeness in the Torah and their likeness in the Gospel - like as sown corn that sendth forth its shoot and strengthenth it and riseth firm upon its stalk delighting the sowers - that He may enrage the disbelievers with (the sight of) them.]

You have to draw the corn plant to pinpoint the mark on your forehead. The leaves to the left and right represent our eyebrows. So the mark is below the eyebrows, somewhere at the nose.

In the New Testament, Hebrew chapter 9 verses 4 & 5 - [In it were the gold altar for the burning of incense and the Covenant Box all covered with gold and containing the gold jar with the manna in it, Aaron's stick that had sprouted leaves, and the 2 stone tablets with the commandments written on them. Above the Box were the winged creatures representing God's presence, with their wings spread over the place where sins are forgiven. But now is not the time to explain everything in details.]

I read the New Testament and find these 2 verses the most likely ones resembling the description of our face and the mark. The outstretched wings of the creatures are our eyebrows, the Aaron's stick our nose and the jar of manna our mouth, the 2 tablets our eyes.

In the Old Testament, the Most Holy Place of the temple was about the same as above.

But the exact spot of the mark where sins are forgiven is still not known except somewhere at the nose. So I refer to the Sutra of Visualizing again for the answer.

Visualizing the Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life with the 2 Bohhisattvas (Avalokitesvara & Mahasthamaprapta) at the left and right of Him is quite clear. Also by looking into the mirror and close/open your right eye continuously, the right eye resembles the lotus flower opening & closing. So the mark on our forehead is at the midpoint between the 2 eyes. Also Jesus Christ was crucified between 2 thieves, indicating Jesus Christ is the Mark on the forehead.

The mark is at the nose bridge but why look at the nose tip? My explanation is this. The mark also represents Jerusalem, and Christ was crucified outside the city. With our eyes upon Christ at the cross is the same as looking at our nose tip.

In the Revelation of the Holy Bible, the new Jerusalem comes down from the sky. By looking at the nose tip, is also like looking at the New Jerusalem (compare Sutra of Visualizing).

An article titled "Bio-magnetism : An awesome force in our lives" in the 1983 January issue of the Reader's Digest, mentions "According to Baker, these magnetic particles could exist in humans, clustering near the brain in the region where the nose joins the skull, and thus enable us to sense any magnetic pull on the magnetite". I have no other scientific proof to confirm the article, but at least it mentions the magnetic particles at the mark on our forehead. From the reading of this article, I advice people to sleep head towards east and legs towards west direction.

Regarding tongue lock and hands together, they are related to the inner energy of the body. The tongue is like a bridge for the brain and the body. When it is locked the energy can flow easily from the body to the brain; the hands together enable energy to move from right to left of the body.

From 'Taoist Yoga' by Lu Kuan Yu, I learn one important factor. That is to lock the tongue the whole day, when not eating, talking, drinking, sleeping etc. By doing this, your body will transform quickly and I think this also can cure illness. When the tongue is locked, your body will become warm. This warmth is best for those with rheumatism and afraid of cold weather. (The one sentence statement is in page 125)

When you meditate try to think of nothing. Hui Neng in his Sutra (on Autobiography) said "Since the object of your coming is the Dharma, refrain from thinking of anything and keep your mind blank. I will then teach you;" and "When you are thinking of neither good nor evil, what is at that particular moment, venerable Sir, your real nature (literally original face)?" Also "If you turn your light inwardly, you will find what is esoteric within you".

My teaching is about Nature, so your breathing has to be natural. Breath control can channel inner energy to various vital points in the body and gives certain power. This is not the 100% spirituality I am teaching & practicing. If you can fly, what can you contribute to mankind? If you can become invisible, what can you contribute to mankind? Men of these caliber cannot have sex and produce children.

Try to understand the book 'Chuang Tzu'. The world is a stage, we are only actors and actresses. I-ching first hexagram mentions the Sage. One man will achieve cultivation of self, regulate the family, purify the country and bring peace to the whole world. Holy Bible, Hebrews, mentions of another priest like Melchizedek and the Sutras say of the reincarnation of Maitreya Buddha. So our lives are being foretold and unfold according to the Plan.

It is better to be a vegetarian and later switch to fruits only diet. Become a fruitarian when your children are grown up and you have less burden. Those working for others have to look for job that is light and not strenuous.

100 % spirituality can also mean you achieve nothing. A man can be human or god. A human follows what the world does and god follows the commands of God.

Sleeping position - Bio-magnetism

You have to refer to the article 'Bio-magnetism: An awesome force in our lives' in the 1983 January issue of the Reader's Digest. My deduction is that when we are asleep, the magnetic forces of the sun and moon etc will comb our bodies; also our bodies when asleep are more strong in magnetism. The ideal position is therefore head east legs west.

Confucianism - i) cultivate self ii) regulate family iii) purify country iv) bring world peace

To understand the 4 lines, we need to name the self into 3 parts, i) mind ii) tongue iii) body; name the family, i) father ii) mother iii) sons (children) and name the country, i) king/president ii) government iii) citizens. Mind, father and king/president are the leaders of the 3 trinities individually. One more trinity you also need to know is sperm, chi (energy) and spirit. (Taoist yoga books mention it)

Lets talk about the self first. Our mind is the master in our body. This mind if pure, we will talk good words and our body will do good actions, and will be free from illness. If the mind is corrupted, we will utter bad words, our action will be not good, so we can fall ill. Or we can say, if our mind is 100% pure, our tongue will be 100% pure and body 100% pure. Likewise if our mind is 0% pure, our tongue will be 0% pure and our body 0% pure.

To cultivate self, we have to uplift our mind first. The fastest way is to meditate (my method). During meditation, our body will produce sperms (for men only). When full but not released, they will transform into chi (energy) and enters the body channel upstream. When the chi is full and not wasted, it will transform into spirit. There is no need to know the details of this process. What we need to know is that our mind will become more pure when we meditate.

A doctor can cure the body of sickness, but not the roots of sickness or the foul speaking of a person. The person can get other illnesses and has to be treated again and again. A meditator can cure any hidden illness in his body and become more healthy.

Next - regulate the family

The father position can also means living grand father or great grand father. As long as he is alive, he has influence over the whole families (even to the unborn babies - Holy Bible has record of ' God will punish the Jews up to the 4th generation if they disobey His commands).

A meditator has to know his position first. If he is the father there is not much problem. Everything will be quite smooth. His 100% purity will uplift the purity of his whole family(ies). A meditator at the mother position will have opposition from the husband above. She has to endure and overcome difficulty like cooking meat and fish for her husband while she is a vegetarian and so forth.

The lower position you are, the more pressure you have to overcome. You cannot run away from the opposition and renounce the world. That means you can only achieve cultivation of self, not the advance stage of regulating the family. Lets say you are the son of a family of 50% purity. Your 100% purity will slowly uplift the 50% to 70%. You are changing the fortune of the whole family. By that time, maybe the father passes away and you will head your own family, whereas your brothers and sisters have benefited by you and attain 70% purity.

From the family structure, there is no divorce. This is against the law of this philosophy. Even Jesus Christ said about it and classified remarriage as an adultery. However men have the rights to have many wives as the family structure is still intact.

Next - purify (govern) the country

The king/president is the head of state, whether he is active or non active. This position can only be given to men and not women. The family structure carries forward the reason for this. Countries with women as heads of states are not stable. There are many problems, some are latent. Latent, I mean future problems. Also women prime ministers do harm to the country.

As a pure meditator is idle, it is best to have the position of king/president as non active. In this way a pure meditator as king/president will uplift the purity of his government and citizens. One man meditates, millions benefit. On the other hand an active king/president, in order to grip power, might commit sins which lower purity, thereby affecting the whole country. One man sins, millions suffer. (You can refer to King David in the Holy Bible)

So for the world to have peace and prosperity, all the governments have to adopt a non active head of state policy; and also to make sure the head of state is a pure man with family. A pure bachelor will do harm to a country. The country will be conquered by others. (an example is Tibet)

Meditators have to stick to their status until the call of God (Nature). You cannot use violence or any ulterior motives to grip power. If you are fated to be king/president, that day will come.

You meditate to benefit your family and country. Even you are still unknown, your influence will be felt. A 100% pure meditator in a country of 50% purity will slowly uplift the country. The country will become more prosperous.

Last - bring world peace

World peace can only be achieved after the chosen One has become the king/president of a country. At this position, he is able to influence the whole world. Even the animals will be affected. In the Holy Bible, there are statements like 'we can sleep with the snakes and tigers, and our babies can play with the cubs of the lions, tigers and lions will eat grass etc). This is great harmony - before the end.

22nd Sept 2003 - Presently I do additional meditation by looking at sun rising and setting. I learned sun gazing in 1982 at Woodbridge Hospital. Previously I practised but discontinued due to eye sight getting bad. My practice is from sun rises till 8.20 am Singapore time (half hour ahead of normal time). Evening time is from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

You have to prepare to eat fruits diet or liquid diet when practising sun gazing. It is best for those who are retired or those having a lot of free time. Beginners have to start from sun rises till 7.30 am Singapore time and from 6.30 pm till sun sets. After more than 2 weeks, if your eye sight is not getting worse, increase 5 minutes either way. Further 5 minutes increase depend on your eye sight. If eye sight get worse, you have to stop sun gazing.

Solar energy is a form of food. If the millions of starving Africans and others practise sun gazing instead of waiting to die or waiting for food donation, half their hunger is gone. At least they need water or better milk drink from milk powder to sustain themselves.

Fruit diet is mainly eating fruits and raw seeds like sesame, almond etc. Try to avoid raw ground nuts because at times they are poisonous. Liquid diet is mainly soup. From a pack of vegetarian instant noodle, break the noodle into fine pieces. Boil them for 10 minutes instead of normal 3 minutes. Drink this liquid soup noodle.

6th November 2003 - Due to seasonal timing, sunrise and sunset are much earlier, about 15 minutes early. So adjust your time accordingly.

15th October 2004 - I have stopped sun gazing to relax my eyes. Everyday I spend many hours reading.

My meditation is for 100% spirituality as you think of neither good nor bad thing. This is equivalent to that as thinking of nothing. If you combine it with breath control, you are going into health and healing. With proper control, you might trigger Kundalini. Clearing all your internal channels, you are into martial art. You have to know, once all the channels are clear, your 1 punch or kick can kill a person. If you combine with mantra chanting or scriptural phrases chanting, you might go into black magic. With mind control and command chanting, you can go into levitation and magical power. All the latter are useless in this punishment era. The play has to be acted. If you do not know the part you have to play, don't indulge in extravagances. It is like running after your shadow.

The End

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