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Laplink 4

Get Laplink Here:

Connect the Laplink cable

Copy the win95 folder from CD-Rom to HDD

Copy/send it to a floppy disk and double click to extract files on floppy and close.

Boot laptop to dos (tap F8 key on bootup)

(Note: Itís best to BOOT to dos NOT shutdown to MS Dos from windows)

Insert Laplink disk in Laptop

Go to A: prompt (type a:\ enter)

Type install and enter

Press enter at which type of display (mono/LCD)

Press enter at enter path to install (C:\LLPRO)

Yes at edit autoexec.bat

No at do you wish to run

Press enter at complete, then enter again

You get C:\>LLPRO

Type llpro enter

Type your name at register

Type a name for the PC/Laptop enter

(Just put Desktop for pc and Laptop for Laptop)

Now boot PC to dos and insert Laplink disk and do the same.

You should have two dos windows

One for the PC and one for the Laptop

I find it best to work with just the PC

And just copy to and from the Laptop

On the right you see <Available Connections>

Use arrow up/down to Laptop and press enter

Use left/right to move to PC press enter

Scroll down till you find the folder you want to transfer

Then press F2 to send it to the laptop

On some older/slower machines this may

take some hours to complete so donít get board

and play with the keys on the two machines

Go for a beer or grab a movie

Or set it off and go to bed and in the morning all will be done.

Exit out (Alt arrow up/down)

On the Laptop boot to dos, goto C:\win95 (cd win95 enter)

And type setup


Itís best to BOOT to dos NOT shutdown to MS Dos from windows

Start the laptop first and let the PC find it

Work from one machine to the other

As for as I know Laplink has no CD-Rom support so copy files to PC HDD first

Laptop= any PC/laptop with no CD-Rom Drive

Laptop can have any O/S on it but Laplink runs in Dos

After installing Laplink just boot to dos type C:\>cd LLPRO enter then llpro enter to run

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