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Before you can download these files, you will have to access the files in my yahoo briefcase which I made to be opened to everyone who wants to download.. I had this idea a long time ago, and I saw it in another website so I decided to use.. Yahoo has given me free 30MB space for uploading the files but I am trying to get higher space which I will get soon.. So you will have to login into my yahoo briefcase.. and click on briefcase.. then login as:    

username: abauser2003        password: password

then you can download the files there..

Note: You will need compressor agents like Winzip, WinRAR, WinImage to unzip the files.. I have also added PKzip Ware there.

Here the files I have there as for now:


Maxdisk - Used to creates more space for Floppy Diskettes. Read Below about MaxDisk.

Microsoft Dos Boot Disk

Microsoft Windows 1x

Microsoft Windows 2x

Microsoft Windows 30

Microsoft Windows 3X

Microsoft Windows 311 for Workgroup

Microsoft Windows 311

Microsoft Windows 311 Update

Microsoft Windows 95 Boot Disk

Win Image

Winzip8 w/ Crack

PKZip ware

Using Maxdisk

MAXIDisk- v4.20 The Floppy Disk now for Windows 3.x and Win'95.  Expand 360k disks to 420k, 720k to 800k, 1.2 meg to 1.4meg, 1.44 meg to 1.6 meg and 2.88 meg to 3.2 meg. Also copy and format Macintosh and DMF disks.

MAXI Disk works with Windows 3.1 as well as Windows'95.  Like MAXI Form,

MAXI Disk will only format floppy disks.  It will not let you format a hard drive, even accidentally.

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