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By Category: Teens -

Nothings makes a summer special life falling in love ...

When her father left after the divorce, Mariah lost her sense of family. Now she's lost her special summer, too. Instead of fulfilling her dream to become a writer, Mariah has to help her mother with a house-sitting job in very rich, very snobby Palm Springs. People with a lot of money make Mariah uncomfortable.

Until she meets Paul Strobe, the rich boy next door. Paul's not a snob and he doesn't act superior. In fact, his sandy hair and piercing blue eyes break down all Mariah's defenses. With Paul, Palm Springs becomes the most romantic place on Earth.

But Paul has to go into the hospital for some tests and then an operation. He's seriously ill and all his family's money can't help him.

Will Mariah lose Paul, too, just when she's found her first love?

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Welcome to My Book Galerie - where I showcase my book kollection                                                  Category: Teens

By Category: Teens -
Falling In Love Again BY BARBARA CONKLIN

Can someone new ever win Mariah's heart?

Her memories were keeping them apart ...

Mariah's not one of those girls who's never been kissed.She had a boyfriend. Once. It seems like a thousand years ago. But Paul died, and Mariah thinks she'll never find anyone as special again.

She hasn't counted on the school play, though. Somehow her crazy friend Amy ropes her into working on the props. BEfore she knows it, Mariah's the understudy for the female lead! And she can't help but notice Dan Gordon, the male lead.

When Dan asks her out, Mariah doesn't know what to think. He's sweet and funny and understanding - but she can't forget Paul. His memory always seem to be between them.

Then Dan gets tired of being second best, and Mariah knows she must choose - between Dan who loves her now, and Paul who loved her first ...

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Welcome to My Book Galerie - where I showcase my book kollection                                                  Category: Teens

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