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By Category: Teens -

Forbidden Love...

Ever since her family moved to Johnson's Crossing, Lara Mitchell has felt terribly alone. She doesn't fit in at school, her mother spends more time playing golf at her exclusive country club than she does with Lara, and her father cares only about his important new banking position. The one source of happiness in Lara's life is Starbright, a series of books set in a magical, faraway palce.

Lara's life changes when she falls in love with Billy Jo Kane. Billy Jo is a loner, too, and he and Lara like many of the same things. He even loves Starbright. But Billy Jo family comes from the poor side of town, and his brothers are known as troublemakers around Johnson's Crossing. Mr. and Mrs Mitchell assume that Billy Jo is just like his brothers, so Lara must keep their relationship secret or risk being forbidden from seeing him anymore.

Then one day something happens that forces Lara to bring her love for Billy Jo into the open. Can she find the strength to stand up for to her parents and price the depth of her feelings for Billy Jo?

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Welcome to My Book Galerie - where I showcase my book kollection                                                  Category: Teens

By Category: Teens -
Taking the Lead BY DEBORAH KENT

Starting over...

Shelley Sayers is devastated when her doctors tell her she'll never be able to see again. Now even the simplest task - like dressing herself or finding her way around the house - take enormous effort and patience. And mountain climbing, the thing she loves to do most, is only a memory.

At a rehabilitation center, Shelley gradually learns to take care of herself again. As she gains confidence she becomes friends with Kevin Burns, a fellow climber,who encourages her to be independent.

When Shelley returns home, she's determined to act like an ordinary high school junior. She's thrilled when Tom Travis, one of the popular boys in her class, starts paying special attention to her. She loves how Tom drives her to school every day and guides her through the crowded hallways - until Kevin suggests that Tom is only interested in improving his image. Both boys say they have Shelley's best interests in mind. But if she finds out that one of them has been her friend for the wrong reason, will she have the courage to stand on her own?

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Welcome to My Book Galerie - where I showcase my book kollection                                                  Category: Teens

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