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Rank Structure

Arrangement of Badges

Training Programme



The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) formed in 1959, has a membership of about 20,000 cadets. NPCC units have been set up in 157 secondary schools, 2 polytechnics and universities in Singapore.

The present Chairman, NPCC Council is Mr Charles Chong (MP Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) and the present Commandant NPCC is SUPT Kui Yong Sin.

Activities Conducted in Units

The units conduct both indoor and outdoor activities. These includes lectures on law and other police matters, foot drill, arms drill, first-aid, civil defence, camps and community service.

Activities at HQ

Competitions are organised at HQ level to uncover a broad spectrum of talents. Quizzes, projects, campcraft and revolver shooting competitions are organised annually or biennially. Cadets are also given a chance to participate in parades such as NPCC Day, Police Day, National Day and Singapore Youth Festival and community projects such as NKF Flag Day.

Visit to Police Establishments

Cadets are given the opportunity to visit various police establishments such as the Police Coast Guard, Public Affairs Department, Police Land Divisions, Criminal Investigation Department and Traffic Police.

Proficiency Badges & Ranks

Cadets can vie for various proficiency badges such as SPF-NPCC Badge, Drill Badge, Campcraft Badge, Swimming Badge etc. Cadets are also tested and awarded ranks.


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