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13 Jan 2003 (Sunday), 01:55am
Mood is Happy

Hmm...Nice charity show. Channel U did a great job. If you watch the charity show earlier on channel U, you will find that all the artists really put in a lot of effort in doing it. The overseas guests too, take part and help the needy. Especially Andy Lau, he stayed throughout the whole show and even voluntarily performed the dangerous "walk-over charcoals" stunt. In the end, the show over-run for about one and a half hour but they managed to raised a total amount of $4,xxx,xxx. Keep it up!!!

Quite busy for the last few days. Printed my notes for all subjects after Friday's lesson with Rachel, XueYing, ChunTing and Nicole. Went to Compass Point to shop in the evening. Bought a handphone's strap. Spend my Saturday's afternoon with Dad at Pearl Center to see doctor. Had a short nap and was disturbed by Nicole's call to accompany her to Tampines Mall and buy some stuffs. Li Zhi jie brought her friend over to introduce a magnetic bed sheet to Dad. Whoa, it cost $1500 for just a bedsheet, but Mum decided to buy it for Dad since Li Zhi jie said that it will help him to recover faster. 

Oh, just bought my new headphone today at WhiteSands, the sound effect is quite good. Thinking of buying the Court's $8 promotion one, just in case if my new one get spoilt. Ke... 

10 Jan 2003 (Friday), 12:11am
Mood is Tired

I think i going to become a pig soon. So hungry and tired since school reopen on last Thursday. During the holidays, you wouldn't see my lights off till 6 in the morning, but now you will be finding a patch of darkness in my room from 8pm onwards. Considered lucky that i managed to stay awake till now and blog. Another busy day for me at school. Woke up late and simply "fan ge zi" (fly pigeon) for Prin Mgt(Tut). Just hoping that i will be able to catch up next week. Denis really got some problems with me. He just can't be bother to talk or see me. What the hell. Oh, my earpiece for CD walkman is spoilt, but no money to buy. Calling Suzan later to tell her that i want to work. Got to go check mails before my account kana flooded.

07 Jan 2003 (Tuesday), 04:01am
Mood is Low

Not feeling well. There seem to be a feeling of sadness within me, or rather i feel like crying. What hell am i thinking? It was an unlucky day for me at TP. First, the JavaTP(lab). Followed by the IFCProj2. I will explain more later. Below is the encounter of me for the past few days.


Friday (03 Jan 03)
Mood Reading: Confused

Simply unable to wake up on time for my 1st lecture. SMS XueYing and ChunTing to inform them. Arrived TP around 12 for my CDS lecture. Er...stepped into the room and saw a "sea" of people, trying to hunt for familiar faces but ended up alone. Settled down and started to "examine' the business lecture hall. It seem to be better than engine ones and it is semi-circle in shape. The lecturer sounds no bad to me as she will also be my tutor for Prin Mgt. Cross over to engine block to meet XueYing and Nicole. Saw YaoPing (Xia. He damn easy to be recognize from far. Also, he sweat damn easy. Ha.) and say Hi. While getting up the stairs at engine entrance, Denis was coming toward my way. I said Hi to him and waved my hand but...he..simply never reply. I was shocked! Damn bloodily shocked!! I rooted to the ground for a second or so. If you saw this scene, you confirm be laughing at me. It was as if you mistaken someone as your friend but my case was 100% NO! Conclusion (i only can think of two), he REALLY missed me as he was thinking of something else. Or he REALLY that "harsh" to break friendship with me, not even bother to say a Hi. I don't know, and will never know. I told this to XueYing, she then hinted a lot of stuffs about this incident yet refused to tell me what she is thinking. Nicole finally got her CDS changed back once again. She got to thanks Mr Lawrence Lee. Mr Lee was damn nice. Got my hair cut, quite like my new style.

Saturday (04 Jan 03)
Mood Reading: Yucks

Big aunt came over to pick Dad up to see the doctor, Dr Chen Ming. The clinic was at Pearl Center, somewhere in ChinaTown. Aunt Pauline and Uncle Mike then arrived to accompanied Dad. Left the clinic and headed for the car. Xia, the car park's fees was damn expensive. $1.20 per half hour. If the quality of the car park is good, i don't mind but it simply SUX!!! The four of us in the car kept nagging about the fees. Oh, if you ever were to visit that complex, simply get someone to accompany you, a female would be the best. Cause the upper floors of the complex seems to be filled with those "red light" hair salons and massage centers where-by once you walked past, those aunties, yes hor, i didn't mention wrongly. Its those damn old aunties, who can be your grannies wearing tube top and putting on lots of makeup. So yucky!!! There was a Singapore Turf club betting center at level 5 where the ah peks were queuing to enter the room to see "live" horse racing. Sigh! Never thought that Singapore still got such places. Hei, anyone from the government body see this, please do something.

Sunday (05 Jan 03)
Mood Reading: Happy

Accompanied aunt Wendy and Mum to Bedok Reservoir to see a chinese doctor. After a session of massaging, Mum and me went to Sheng Siong to buy groceries. Aunt Wendy then give us a lift home. Spend the rest of the day at home, tidying the house.

Monday (06 Jan 03)
Mood Reading: HELL

Skipped the first lecture as i attended before liao. I was supposed to meet Rachel for EM2 tutorial but was late. Then, i was kana pick to do the first question of the day. Met Reuben for lunch. Pass-by the library and there was this "changing password fest". I got my password changed and was entitled to a free kanburi. Quite cute, it got a lcd clock running on it. JavaTP was next. I knew no one in the class. Took the last seat at the back, it was the same seat which i used to sit during last semester IFCProj1. Labsheet was given. Damn it. I forgot to get the lecture notes from WangFan. I was lonely, "GongGong" in the room. Finally lesson ended but i simply don't understand what was being taught earlier on. joined Nicole and YingYing for their CDS lecture. Ha. It was a two hours lecture but i only got an hour free. Nicole and i was joking about how i have to get out later. The lecturer appeared to be quite strict but was found out to be rather friendly. The digital clock on the wall shown 03:55. I was tensed and started to pick up my bag from the floor. I think the lecturer saw my act. Then she goes on and said, "I think some of you need a break. Isit so?" No one reply her, and she was like going to continue when someone plus me say yes. She gave us 5 mins break. Ha! I got my bag and left. 

This is where my trouble began. At IFCProj2, Marc and Dehan arrived liao. I took the seat next to Marc. KimThong came in with YuTing. They took the seats beside Dehan. After a round of "finding names" (ice-breaking game lor), we were told to group ourselves. If you look lah, suppose to be Marc, Dehan and KimThong and me (cause all of us were from e050 mah), in one group. But... because of YuTing, i was left out. If not wrong, it was Marc who suggested that they all four group together. I was left to partner LiQiang and two absentees. The rest of the lesson, i was damn angry. Went to library to meet Nicole. She was doing Maths with XueYing and Irene. Nicole told me that the row of girls behind us in her CDS lecture kept saying me very weird, took my bag and left. Ha. Took bus 15 home. There was a Vcd fair at the entrance of WhiteSands. Hmm...Meteor Garden was going like $14.90 per set. So ex... Visited Popular and saw this Panasonic headphone which was so style. Thinking of buying it as mine is so-to-be-date-due. Save money!!!


I think one day i will turn evil and sort of getting revenge on my friends. I just afraid so. What is happening now is such a deep impact on me. Later will be attending JavaTP(lab) again, the start of the day like...hell. 

02 Jan 2003 (Thursday), 10:22pm
Mood is Blur

My day kicked off at 8:05am. Had my breakfast, which was two ham sandwiches and a cup of milo. Took bus 15 and saw Showen on the bus. Reached TP at 9:25:50am (time courtesy by the TP Millennium Clock). Strange! I just can't find BS26-4-42. Business' buildings is totally stranger to me. Finally found the correct room but it was empty. I concluded that the tutorial maybe kana cancelled as this is the first week of school. Left Business with question marks in my mind. 

Next stop, cybercenter. Although there was a small queue at the counter but i managed to get a terminal. Got my timetable printed. WangFan came in and used the station beside me, i didn't bother to say hi and left. Called Reuben but the idiot never pick up. Called Nicole instead and went over to join her for JavaTP(lec). Quite a number of e050 was inside. Ke... only me, so extra. Ha. Their lecturer was the same as mine but the timeslot different. "Attended" my JavaTP(lec) before my peers who are suppose to be with me for the Monday one, ha. An hour break. Rachel, Reuben and me spent it over at Short Circuit. Had a Fish Burger and Ribena. Sat beside Reuben for BSN(lec). The lecturer was damn funny, he told us about "The waiter and spoon" story. I rated his lesson as the best of the day. Oh, remember his name is Benny Wong. After commenting the best, there comes the worst. Inside EM2(lec), i saw a whole group of unfamiliar faces. Yes! None of them i know. Lucky, ChunTing came to rescue me. Is this the worst? NAH! "Testing. Mic Testing.", the damn stupid lecturer started off his lecture. "Please call me Dr. Ven and not Venkata, as i got my Phd " This idiotic indian countryman went on talking cock. What no electronic devices. What give your friends your timetable in order to avoid them from calling. BlahBlahBlah. All rules are alright but the timetable one and no Discman, sucks!!! I will cursed him to death. 

Another hour of break. Bought my EM2 textbook. Was found to be having lunch with Rachel at Design Pad. The malay food was so nice. Waited aimlessly outside the IFCProj2(lec) for Joe Li. Finally decided to leave at 3:15pm. Nicole and i went to Tampines Interchange to buy bus stamp. Upon reaching the control station. KimThong, Marc, Dehan and Jeff came by cab. So rich hor. Marc joined us to buy stamps. Hee... TPJC was doing their orientation at the interchange. So malu xia... Took bus 15 and dropped off at WhiteSands to buy some stuffs for Mum. Saw Tan Haw, he was quite yandao now compared to his appearance in secondary days. Also saw Aviel on bus 15. Not much change for him.

Conclusion. A rather easy day filled with a little excite.

02 Jan 2003 (Thursday), 12:40am
Mood is Excited

In less then 12 hours time, i will be meeting a group of new friends. Consider this "Suay" or "Heng", school reopen later (Thursday) and my first subject is...my CDS subject, Principle Management Tutorial. So i have to start from fresh by introducing myself. "Hi, my name is Adam, you can also call me Hock Heng if you prefer so. I am currently taking Diploma in InFoComm. My hobbies are..." Sian right? Ha. Not going to see most of my friends in e050 liao, so sad. Especially Reuben who i always hanged with during the e050's time. Sobz. But...Hey, look on the brighter side, who knows something surprising might be waiting for me... So got to head for the bed, Nites!!!


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