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Panasonic industrial cameras incorporate the latest digital technology. Renowned world-wide for outstanding resolution, response and durability, they have won high marks in medical, research and production applications. But that was just the beginning. Now Panasonic has used its original production technologies to produce an ultra-small colour board camera ideal for incorporation in personal computers and mobile communication devices. One tiny camera. One great leap forward in expanding the potential of visuals communication

The world's smallest and most light-weight level Colour Board Camera 
In this age of growing use of motion images at information terminals, Panasonic continues to be the industry leader with offering super-compact/ slim shaped, light-weighted, low power consumption, low cost and high resolution video camera modules.

All product made in Japan. Panasonic is the brand name of Matsushita Electric
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GP-KX121 Series   NTSC/PAL

  • Sensitivity and image quality up, low energy consumption.

  • No ultra-small color board camera is so ideal for so many applications.

Panasonic announce the introduction of a new addition to our world-renown color board camera line-up. The GP-KX121 series combines high image quality and high sensitivity with an energy saving design.These incredibly versatile ultra-small, ultra-light cameras offerthe highest cost-performance ever.

  •  Ultra-small 22mm(H) x 26mm(W) package.

  •  Horizontal 500-pixel array in a 1/4-type CCD, integrated with single chip digital signal processing (DSP).

  •  300 lines of horizontal resolution and high sensitivity and image quality in lighting as low as 5 lx at F2.0 lens.

  •  MCM PCB design offers ultra-compact thin size, light weight, and high durability.

  •  Options include two types of lenses, with 45 and 51 horizontal image angle.


  Model No.  Lens type Horizontal  field angle (Degree)   Max.    Aperture    Focal Length
GP-KX121P/E Without Len
GP-KX121/45P/E Pin-hole 45 F2.8 4.6mm 
GP-KX121/51P/E Standard 51 F2.0 3.7mm 

GP-CX 171

Equipped with a -type CCD, this colour board camera delivers high image quality with 480 lines of horizontal resolution.

Key Features

  • High Resolution Colour Board Camera equipped with -type CCD

  • 768H (NTSC) / 752H (PAL) resolution.

  • Applies super one-chip image processing DSP.

  • 480 TV lines horizontal resolution expands the range of your applications.

  • Minimum illumination 10 lx at F2.8.

  • Compact size 38 X 22 X 25.4mm.``

  • 12V power input for various industrial usage.

  • Built-in regulator board for conversion from 12V to 5V.

  • I2C external control for camera parameter change and adjustment.

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CMOS Colour Board Camera



Ultra-small size Colour Core Camera.  CMOS image sensor
Results in extremely low power input requirements.

Key Features

  • Only 8.46(H) x 13.4(W) x 26.2(D) mm small size enough for mobile instrument applications.

  • Use of a CMOS imaging device means greatly reduced power consumption.

  • YUV 4:2:2 digital signal output simplifies circuit design for all types of digital equipments.

  • Applies super one chip image processing 10bit DSP for professional picture quality.

  • Miniaturized optical lens unit included.

  • Helps you in developing newly designed, smaller sized products to expand your product lineup.

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GP-CX171 Series

GP-KX121 Series

Dental uses O O O   O O O O O  
Fiber  scope eyepiece             O O O  
Special monitor in a lift             O O O  
Checking completed printed circuit boards   O     O O O O O  
FA visual sensor         O O O O O  
Inspection of precision machinery & engines etc.         O O O O O  
Observation of micro- organism on microscope         O O O O O O
Inspection of medical operations & treatments         O O O O O  
Endoscopic camera eyepiece             O O O  
Image processing         O O O O O O
PC Camera O O O O            
Microscope O O O         O O  
Amusement       O         O  
Specialist filming uses O O O              
Vehicle rear-view cameras O O O              
Security cameras in ATM installations O O O              

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