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 Why Professionals Prefer DVCPRO ?
  • The World-standard Digital Format
  • Small Mechanism and Low Maintenance Costs
  • Reliable Compact Cassettes with Extended Recording Time
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Model No.


AJ-D215HE  DVCPRO 1/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder AJD2
(New) AJ-D410AE AJD410AE DVCPRO 1/2" IT 3CCD Camcorder AJD410 AJ410A
AJ-D700AE DVCPRO 1/2" FIT 3CCD Camcorder AJD700
AJ-D800AE DVCPRO 2/3" IT 3CCD  Camera/recorder AJD800
(Discontinued) AJ-D610WAE  DVCPRO 2/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder AJD610WAE
AJ-D610WBE See Comparison Chart AJD910WA
AJ-D910WAE DVCPRO50 2/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder
AJ-D910WBE DVCPRO50 2/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder AJD910
Other Cameras / Industrial Camera    view image
AW-E300 3-CCD Convertible Camera
Back to Top AW-E800
AW-F575 3-CCD Digital Processing Camera

DVCPRO VTRs                                    view image
 (Discontinued) AJ-D230HE DVCPRO Desktop VTR AJD230
AJ-D250E DVCPRO Desktop Editing VTR AJD250
AJ-D440E DVCPRO Studio Player AJD440
(Discontinued) AJ-D450E  DVCPRO Studio Editing  VTR AJD450
(New) (PDF) AJ-D455E Same as above but c/w AJ-CS455P, Playback and Record DVAJD455
AJ-D640E DVCPRO Recorder/Player AJD640
AJ-D650E DVCPRO Editing VTR/ Recorder Player AJD650
AJ-D780E DVCPRO 4x Transfer Recorder/Player AJD780
AJ-D850BE DVCPRO Studio VTR c/w SDI Card AJD850
AJ-LT85E DVCPRO Laptop Editor AJLT85
DVCPRO50 VTRs view image
AJ-D90E AJD90E DVCPRO50 Dockable VTR    View PDF AJD90
AJ-D940E DVCPRO50 Studio Player AJD940
AJ-D94E DVCPRO50 Office Viewer AJD94
AJ-D950E DVCPRO50 Studio VTR AJD950
AJ-D960E DVCPRO50 Studio VTR
AJ-LT95E DVCPRO50 Laptop Editor

Other DVCPRO Products
AJ-DE97 (New) Non-Linear Editor
AJ-DR7000E DVCPRO Server AJDR7000
AJ-CM32E DVCPRO Micro-Cart Machine AJCM32

  New Products     DV Equipments                                                                  

AG-DV2700E DV Cassette Recorder AGDV2700
AG-DVC15E   Mini DV Camera/Recorder AGDVC15 AGDVC15E
DM XL1S Canon DV Camcorder XL1-s
AG-DVX100E 1/3" 3CCD Camcorder  
Back to Top AG-DVC200E   DV Camera/Recorder  View Specification AGDVC200 AGDVC200E
    Panasonic AV Mixers
WJ-MX20 Digital AV Mixer WJMX20
WJ-MX50A Production Mixer WJMX50 MX50
Back to Top WJ-AVE55 Digital AV Mixer WJAVE55
    Professional S-VHS Product  
  Category Model No.
Camcorder             AG-DP800HEG 1/2" 3CCD Camcorder
Editing AG-8700E   Hi-Fi Editing VTR
AG-7350-E  Video Cassette Recorder
AG-7355-E  Video Cassette Recorder
AG-MD835E Medical VTR
AG-W3E     Video Cassette Recorder
AG-6850HE Hi-Fi Recording/Playback Duplicator
Editing AG-A350E   RS-422A Editing Controller
Back to Top Controller AG-A850E   Editing Controller (A/B roll)
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