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menu Custom Memory Map

You can define your own memory map (different from IBM-PC). It is required to create "CUSTOM_MEMORY_MAP.inf" file in the same folder where Emu8086.exe is located. Using the following format add information into that configuration file:

address - filename

For example:

0000:0000 - System.bin
F000:0000 - Rom.bin
12AC - Data.dat

Address can be both physical (without ":") or logical, value must be in hexadecimal form. Emulator will look for the file name after the "-" and load it into the memory at the specified address.

Emulator will not update System information area (memory from 00400h to 00500h) if your configuration file has "NO_SYS_INFO" directive (on a separate line). For example:

0000:0000 - System.bin
F000:0000 - Rom.bin
12AC - Data.dat

Emulator will allow you to load ".bin" files to any memory address (be careful not to load them over your custom system/data area).

Warning! standard interrupts will not work when you change the memory map, unless you provide your own replacement for them. To disable changes just delete or rename "CUSTOM_MEMORY_MAP.inf" file, and restart the program.

See also: Global Memory Table
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