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menu Interrupts currently supported by emulator

Quick reference:

INT 10h/00h
INT 10h/01h
INT 10h/02h
INT 10h/03h
INT 10h/05h
INT 10h/06h
INT 10h/07h
INT 10h/08h
INT 10h/09h
INT 10h/0Ah
INT 10h/0Eh
INT 10h/13h
INT 10h/1003h
INT 11h
INT 12h
INT 13h/00h
INT 13h/02h
INT 13h/03h
INT 15h/86h
INT 16h/00h
INT 16h/01h
INT 19h
INT 1Ah/00h
INT 21h

A list of supported interrupts with descriptions:

INT 10h / AH = 00h - set video mode.
AL = desired video mode.

These video modes are supported:

00h - Text mode 40x25, 16 colors, 8 pages.

03h - Text mode 80x25, 16 colors, 8 pages.
INT 10h / AH = 01h - set text-mode cursor shape.
CH = cursor start line (bits 0-4) and options (bits 5-7).
CL = bottom cursor line (bits 0-4).

When bits 6-5 of CH are set to 00, the cursor is visible, to hide a cursor set these bits to 01 (this CH value will hide a cursor: 28h - 00101000b). Bit 7 should always be zero.
INT 10h / AH = 02h - set cursor position.
DH = row.
DL = column.
BH = page number (0..7).
INT 10h / AH = 03h - get cursor position and size.
BH = page number.
DH = row.
DL = column.
CH = cursor start line.
CL = cursor bottom line.
INT 10h / AH = 05h - select active video page.
AL = new page number (0..7).
the activated page is displayed.
INT 10h / AH = 06h - scroll up window.
INT 10h / AH = 07h - scroll down window.
AL = number of lines by which to scroll (00h = clear entire window).
BH = attribute used to write blank lines at bottom of window.
CH, CL = row, column of window's upper left corner.
DH, DL = row, column of window's lower right corner.
INT 10h / AH = 08h - read character and attribute at cursor position.

BH = page number.
AH = attribute.
AL = character.
INT 10h / AH = 09h - write character and attribute at cursor position.

AL = character to display.
BH = page number.
BL = attribute.
CX = number of times to write character.
INT 10h / AH = 0Ah - write character only at cursor position.

AL = character to display.
BH = page number.
CX = number of times to write character.
INT 10h / AH = 0Eh - teletype output.

AL = character to write.
This functions displays a character on the screen, advancing the cursor and scrolling the screen as necessary. The printing is always done to current active page.

INT 10h / AH = 13h - write string.

AL = write mode:
    bit 0: update cursor after writing;
    bit 1: string contains attributes.
BH = page number.
BL = attribute if string contains only characters (bit 1 of AL is zero).
CX = number of characters in string (attributes are not counted).
DL,DH = column, row at which to start writing.
ES:BP points to string to be printed.

INT 10h / AX = 1003h - toggle intensity/blinking.

BL = write mode:
    0: enable intensive colors.
    1: enable blinking (not supported by emulator!).
BH = 0 (to avoid problems on some adapters).

Bit color table:
Character attribute is 8 bit value, low 4 bits set foreground color, high 4 bits set background color. Background blinking not supported.

HEX    BIN        COLOR

0      0000      black
1      0001      blue
2      0010      green
3      0011      cyan
4      0100      red
5      0101      magenta
6      0110      brown
7      0111      light gray
8      1000      dark gray
9      1001      light blue
A      1010      light green
B      1011      light cyan
C      1100      light red
D      1101      light magenta
E      1110      yellow
F      1111      white

INT 11h - get BIOS equipment list.
AX = BIOS equipment list word, actually this call returns the contents of the word at 0040h:0010h.

Currently this function can be used to determine the number of installed number of floppy disk drives.

Bit fields for BIOS-detected installed hardware:
Bit(s)	Description
 15-14  number of parallel devices.
 13     not supported.
 12     game port installed.
 11-9   number of serial devices.
 8      reserved.
 7-6    number of floppy disk drives (minus 1):
          00 single floppy disk;
          01 two floppy disks;
          10 three floppy disks;
          11 four floppy disks.
 5-4    initial video mode:
          00 EGA,VGA,PGA, or other with on-board video BIOS;
          01 40x25 CGA color;
          10 80x25 CGA color (emulator default);
          11 80x25 mono text.
 3    not supported.
 2    not supported.
 1    math coprocessor installed.
 0    set when booted from floppy (always set by emulator).

INT 12h - get memory size.
AX = kilobytes of contiguous memory starting at absolute address 00000h, this call returns the contents of the word at 0040h:0013h.

Floppy drives are emulated using FLOPPY_0(..3) files.


INT 13h / AH = 00h - reset disk system, (currently this call doesn't do anything).


INT 13h / AH = 02h - read disk sectors into memory.
INT 13h / AH = 03h - write disk sectors.
AL = number of sectors to read/write (must be nonzero)
CH = cylinder number (0..79).
CL = sector number (1..18).
DH = head number (0..1).
DL = drive number (0..3 , depends on quantity of FLOPPY_? files).
ES:BX points to data buffer.
CF set on error.
CF clear if successful.
AH = status (0 - if successful).
AL = number of sectors transferred.
Note: each sector has 512 bytes.

INT 15h / AH = 86h - BIOS wait function.
CX:DX = interval in microseconds
CF clear if successful (wait interval elapsed),
CF set on error or when wait function is already in progress.

the resolution of the wait period is 977 microseconds on many systems, Emu8086 uses 1000 microseconds period.


INT 16h / AH = 00h - get keystroke from keyboard (no echo).
AH = BIOS scan code.
AL = ASCII character.
(if a keystroke is present, it is removed from the keyboard buffer).

INT 16h / AH = 01h - check for keystroke in keyboard buffer.
ZF = 1 if keystroke is not available.
ZF = 0 if keystroke available.
AH = BIOS scan code.
AL = ASCII character.
(if a keystroke is present, it is not removed from the keyboard buffer).

INT 19h - system reboot.
Usually, the BIOS will try to read sector 1, head 0, track 0 from drive A: to 0000h:7C00h. Emulator just stops the execution, to boot from floppy drive select from the menu: 'Virtual Drive' -> 'Boot from Floppy'

INT 1Ah / AH = 00h - get system time.
CX:DX = number of clock ticks since midnight.
AL = midnight counter, advanced each time midnight passes.
There are approximately 18.20648 clock ticks per second,
and 1800B0h per 24 hours.
AL is not set by emulator yet!  

MS-DOS can not be loaded completely in emulator yet, so I made an emulation for some basic DOS interrupts also:

INT 20h - exit to operating system.

INT 21h / AH=09h - output of a string at DS:DX.

INT 21h / AH=0Ah - input of a string to DS:DX, fist byte is buffer size, second byte is number of chars actually read.

INT 21h / AH=4Ch - exit to operating system.

INT 21h / AH=01h - read character from standard input, with echo, result is stored in AL.

INT 21h / AH=02h - write character to standard output, DL = character to write, after execution AL = DL.

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