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Tutorial Cracking :

High Logic's Font Creator

The Target:

So for a little exercise, let's crack a few programs:)
The target is High Logic's Font Creator Program. (http://www.high-logic.com/download.html)

Step 1: Run the program:

Run it ...
You will see a cool splash....
then a dialog box ... It says: "This product is not registered"
Telling you how and where to register.... Lower right panel says 'Unregistered'....
That is interesting of course.

Now let's Check out for registration options....
Under help, you can select register...
Try to enter a fake name and serial ... look what it does....
"Registration Failed: Invalid Password ".
That is the exact message we get....
We know enough :-)
Close the program....

Step 2: Disassemble the program:

Make a copy of fcp.exe, and call it fcp.org (original)...
Fire up your W32Dasm and open FCP.ORG...
It takes a while to decompile this baby...
When W32Dasm is done with disassembling, open the string references list...
(Refs-> String Data Refs or the "strn Ref" button)
Let's search for familiar strings, like: This product is unregistered, Registration Failed,
Thank you for registering....

Indeed, when we scroll down the alphabetically arranged string references, we come
across the string: Registration Failed.... Go stand on it ... and double click it...
Now you can close the string references window....

Step 3: Analyzing the protection routine.... / Understanding the jumping Mechanism...

When we scroll up a bit, we see another string: "Thank you for registering..." right above
this we see a call at line 0048AD23 ... Right after this call, we see a jne command....
go stand on it, and execute the jump ... You see that it lands right on the line which
says you are unregistered. Now press the [ret jmp] button to return to the previous place....
We see that if the code does not jump, it thanks you for registering. If it jumps, it shows
you, you entered an invalid serial...

We found the code that is executed so we see the dialog box that pops up when we type in
an invalid serial.... This code also shows there is a dialog box that pops up when a valid serial
is entered.... We want this piece of code to behave as following: Show registered when valid
serial is typed and show registered when invalid serial is typed...

Now let's take a closer look at the disassembly....

////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////

:0048AD23 E8FC90F7FF call 00403E24
:0048AD28 7524 jne 0048AD4E
:0048AD2A 6A00 push 00000000
:0048AD2C 668B0D9CAD4800 mov cx, word ptr [0048AD9C]
:0048AD33 B202 mov dl, 02

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Thank you for registering the "
->"Font Creator Program."
:0048AD35 B8A8AD4800 mov eax, 0048ADA8
:0048AD3A E8D97EFBFF call 00442C18
:0048AD3F 8B45FC mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-04]
:0048AD42 C7805001000001000000 mov dword ptr [ebx+00000150], 00000001
:0048AD4C EB22 jmp 0048AD70

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:
:0048AD4E 6A00 push 00000000
:0048AD50 668B0D9CAD4800 mov cx, word ptr [0048AD9C]
:0048AD57 B201 mov dl, 01
* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Registration failed: Invalid Password"
0048AD59 B8E4AD4800 mov eax, 0048ADE4
////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////

A translation that is the same looks like this...

call IsSerialValid
jne serial_not_valid
call MessageBox_Thanks_for_registering
jmp End

call MessageBox_Serial_Invalid


In plain human language this would be like:

If Serial Is Not Valid, Tell Serial Is Invalid,
else Thank You For Registering...

Since we want it to Thank us for registering always, we make sure the jne Serial_Not_Valid
jump is never executed .....
when we do this te pseudocode will look like this:

call IsSerialValid
XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; serial_not_valid removed ...
call MessageBox_Thanks_for_registering
jmp End

call MessageBox_Serial_Invalid


The call at 0048AD23 is executed, after this, there will never be a chance to jump to the
invalid serial messagebox :-)

Step 4: Changing the original program...

Same as before: Load FCP.exe in HIEW.... Press enter twice so you get into disassembly mode.
push F5 to enter the address ... and when you are there, change the JNE into two NOP commands
Now press F9 to save and F10 to exit....

Step 5: Run the program, and register with any name and serial :-))
Do you feel it? Do you feel the power it gives you?

Extra !

When we were looking through the string references list, we also saw the other unregistered
string we had paid attention to ... The "This product is not registered" string we saw in
the dialog box that pops up at startup.... Since we are here to learn, and we don't want to
miss any opportunity, let's take a closer look at it....

Locate the string again in the String references in hiew...
"This product is not registered." Double click it and you will land in the code below....

////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////


:00476565 E836DFFAFF call 004244A0
:0047656A A10CB54B00 mov eax, dword ptr [004BB50C]
:0047656F 83781800 cmp dword ptr [eax+18], 00000000
:00476573 753B jne 004765B0

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"This product is not registered."
:00476575 BADC694700 mov edx, 004769DC
:0047657A 8B45FC mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-04]
:0047657D 8B800C020000 mov eax, dword ptr [eax+0000020C]
:00476583 E818DFFAFF call 004244A0

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Registration fee is US $20 for "
->"a single license."
:00476588 BA046A4700 mov edx, 00476A04
:0047658D 8B45FC mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-04]
:00476590 8B8010020000 mov eax, dword ptr [eax+00000210]
:00476596 E805DFFAFF call 004244A0

* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"Read the helpfile for more |
:0047659B BA406A4700 mov edx, 00476A40
:004765A0 8B45FC mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-04]
:004765A3 8B8024020000 mov eax, dword ptr [eax+00000224]
:004765A9 E8F2DEFAFF call 004244A0
:004765AE EB13 jmp 004765C3

* Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Address:
* Possible StringData Ref from Code Obj ->"This product is registered to:"
:004765B0 BA706A4700 mov edx, 00476A70

////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////

"Play" again with the jumps and you will see what happens with the jumps...
When you are done jumping and looking a bit at the disassembly, you should be able
to see that the disassembly can be brought back to the simple pseudo code below....


Call Is_Program_Registered
cmp memory location , 0000 ; compare memory location to zero
jne Program_Is_Registered ; jump to program is registered label

jmp Finish ; jump to where the finish label is

Program_Is_Registered: ; this is just a label / an address ...

Finish: ; this is the finish label ...

This pseudo-code is a lot more readable for us newbies ;-)
Well... what happens is: there is again a check ... If the program is registered...
After that it compares a memory location to zero.... hmmm.. Why would it do something
like this? We'll see that in a second ... Then it jumps if this memory location is
not equal to zero, and it doesn't jump when it is zero...
What would this mean for us crackers? Yup... this memory location should *always*
be unequal to zero :-) That means it should contain a value like 1, 2 or 1000...
not the value 0....

The source would have looked something like this:

////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////

BOOL programregistered; // a boolean variable ...
// these variables contain a true or a
// false value ... ( a 0 or a 1 )

programregistered = IsProgramRegistered(); // a function call ...
// the function returns its value to
// the boolean variable programregistered

if (programregistered = TRUE)
DoNotNag() ;

////////////////////// Code snip ///////////////////////////

This piece of code shows us that programs can set a memory location ( the programregistered
bool variable is a memory location) to determine the state of your registration....
That is what happens in this piece of code ... And also what happens in the real program...

Now we do understand that the memory location above is equal to 1 if you are registered, and
is equal to zero if you are not registered.... To crack this piece of code = to make it
always think it is registered, we could change the memory location to 1, so the program
always thinks we are registered.... Is this very easy to do? Well.... Not now :-)
I will show it to you in tutor 3...

The easiest would be to modify the "jne Program_Is_Registered" in such a way that
the program always thinks we are registered... No matter what the call Is_Program_Registered
puts in memory location that has to be equal to something NOT zero...
The easiest way to do this would be to change the jne into a jump instruction.
And this is a piece of cake :-))

Open the program in hiew; Go to the right offset in the program.... Change the jne into a
jmp.... What happened?



00476573: 753B jne .0004765B0 -------- (1)
00476575: BADC694700 mov edx,0004769DC ;" Gi_"
0047657A: 8B45FC mov eax,[ebp][-0004]
0047657D: 8B800C020000 mov eax,[eax][00000020C]
00476583: E818DFFAFF call .0004244A0 -------- (2)
00476588: BA046A4700 mov edx,000476A04 ;" Gj "


00476573: E938000000 jmp .0004765B0 -------- (1)
00476578: 47 inc edi
00476579: 008B45FC8B80 add [ebx][0808BFC45],cl
0047657F: 0C02 or al,002 ;" "
00476581: 0000 add [eax],al
00476583: E818DFFAFF call .0004244A0 -------- (2)
00476588: BA046A4700 mov edx,000476A04 ;" Gj "

The jmp hiew assembled, looks a bit weird ... It needed 3 extra bytes....

753B jne .0004765B0 <<-- jne (2 bytes)(75 3B)
E938000000 jmp .0004765B0 <<-- assembled jmp(5 bytes)(E9 38 00 00 00 )

That is not so nice :-( Now we altered some code we did not want to alter at all...
The mov edx, 0004769DC line of code is gone.... And something else has come in place...
Well ... Actually there is no need to worry....
The code we altered here will *never* be executed.... We made sure that it would never be ;-)
We made sure that anything that comes to line 476573 jumps *DIRECTLY* to line 4765B0 :-))
so the code at the lines between 476578 and 4765B0 are never executed ... Those are the lines
which tell us we are not registered :-)

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