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Norton Antivirus 2008

Target  : Norton Antivirus 2008
Tool     : internet Access Point

This Trick fully working for both windows Vista or windows XP SP2.
And work for all version of NAV 2008.
Please Note : Do Not Connected to the internet during installation!.

1. Uninstall all previous NAV program include Live Update program.
check in add or remove program so that you really unistall it.

2. Set your computer date to 01/01/2020
(Warning : if you have another trial programs install on your comp, it will expired.)

3. Install NAV 2007 and use the keygen from "The EDGE" with 11 years subscription.

4. After Finish, you should get 4015 day subscription.

5. take CLTVault.dll File from C:/Program Files/Norton ANtivirus/ to desktop.

6. install NAV 2008, during installation norton will required to restart, restart comp.
After restart, NAV 2008 will automatically install again, wait until finalizing.
when finalizing step, choose next, activate later, and then No ,you should get 15 day trial subscription.

7. Open NAV program, Click tab Option>Norton Antivirus.
On the general option, uncheck "turn on protection for norton product"

8. take CLTVault.dll file in desktop that you copied before, and replace it to C://Program Files/Norton Antivirus/

9. click the help & Support tab then run activation.click next, next, ok, cancel, skip. Wait a second untill you get 4015 day subscription.

10.Set your computer date back to actual date. then restart your computer.

11.now check on the NAV program, you should 4015 day subscription with all feature is enable.

12.connect to the internet, then run live update untill finish. check if all files can be downloaded.

13.wait for 1 day, and check that your subscription is 4014 day.

14.Done. you get NAV 2008 Full


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