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Nickname: tension_ourstory

Country: Singapore

Hates: Coriander, Parsley "taste awful to me!!", snobs, cigarette smoke,  pets abusers!

Other Website:

My two-cents worth: Believe in yourself and try, Chances are you will succeed! 

Interests: Tension, Computers, WebSite building, Hamsters, PuPpiEs

Maybe you'll spot me
: At  Tension autograph sessions~ (^_^)

Favourite SOngs: Gotta Be YouR MaN~ OuR StoRy~TiAo ZhAn~ AriGato

Links: Fortune Cookie, Hair Stylists game

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  Picture 1                                                                    Picture 2

Picture 1: Here's a picture of my hamster! Cute ain't it? ^_^ and that's my hand~~hmm

Picture 2: A pair of Robovrski, seems like they are sleeping~