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IMA Privacy Policy

IMA follows a strict policy to respect your privacy and will not condone any form of spamming.


Subscription to IMA is solely at your own discretion. Once subscribed, you will receive new updates on articles and newletters from IMA.

Member Particulars

Rest assured that your particulars will not be disclosed to any other parties, in any form of ways. Your particulars will only be used as a means of sending you updates and newletters from IMA


Unsubscibption link will be available on every newsletters that are sent to your email address. You can also unsubscribe from the mailing list by using the Feedback form.


Advertisers are not members of IMA. You will not receive any newletters from IMA.

However, once your advertisement is approved and displayed, your particulars will be only kept for record purpose as well as a point of contact once your advertisement has expired. After which, your particulars will be removed permanently from our records.

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