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3 January 2006




Welcome to the web page that dedicated for the ocean color research in Malaysia and Southeast Asian Countries!


MODIS Aqua chlorophyll a images on January 2005


This web page is aim to promote the usage of ocean color remote sensing in Malaysia. We hope to acquire and distribute information about ocean color research and application in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, and to assist the researcher who is interested in this field.


New! One Year After the Indian Ocean Tsunami!


Ocean Color Monitoring for Borneo Red Tide





Ocean Color Sensor/ Project

Ocean Color Scene

Ocean Color Data Access

Processing Software

Ocean Color Community

Potential Application of Ocean Color Remote Sensing in Malaysia



If you are new to ocean color


The gateway to understand ocean color Ė Ocean Color Web. Donít forget to add the site to your Favorite.


Ocean Color Web



I strongly suggest that the new comer to Ocean Color should read the following material from IOCCG


IOCCG Reports and Articles






Ocean Color Sensor/ Project


Following are the ocean color sensor/ projects that have the coverage of Malaysian waters. Information about ocean color sensor can also be accessed through IOCCG web page.




This is the first ocean color sensor for global observation. It is more to experimental sensor than operational. However, the data gathered from this sensor had provided detail understanding and knowledge on the development of today ocean color remote sensing.







There are two MODIS sensors, Terra and Aqua. It has been applied widely for atmospheric, land and ocean application. For instance, MODIS Global Fire Monitoring has been used for the forest fire monitoring in South East Asian Region.


MERIS (ESA, Europe)


OCI (Taiwan)


GLI (Japan)







Ocean Color Scene or Pictures



Ocean Color Images (link from IOCCG)



NASA Visible Earth

A lot of scenes from NASA and NOAA satellites are available through this web page









Ocean Color Data Access


Both SeaWiFS and MODIS Aqua images are available on Ocean Color Web


Level 1 and 2 Data Browser


Level 3 Data Browser




Some ocean color data is limited to AUTHORIZED USER, i.e. SeaWiFS. There are some application procedures and agreements to be made before you can access to the data. However, most of the data are available to REGISTERED USER. If you are interested in using SeaWiFS images, please register as AUTHORIZED USER.



MODIS Ocean Color Images of Northern Borneo


The following link will open the ftp site that providing Daily MODIS Aqua chlorophyll a, nLw 551, and SST images for the area around northern Borneo Island. This automated service is kindly provided by Ocean Color Web.





For the end user who want a Kick Start with ocean color data. You should try the following


Ocean Color Time-Series Online Visualization and Analysis System!


This system is based on the GES-DISC Interactive Online Visualization and ANalysis Infrastructure (Giovanni) which was developed by the GES DISC DAAC to provide users with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of the Earth Science data.


Many thanks to the Giovanni Team. It really saves me tones of times and resources in getting the desire data for my research. If you donít want to process the ocean color data by yourself, Giovanni will be the best solution. This tool is a great milestone in the ocean color research and development.


Hey, Donít forget to markup the site too!










Ocean Color Processing Software


Most of the commercial software are unable to process and analyze ocean color data effectively. If you intend to use SeaWiFS data, the best recommendation is SeaDAS. SeaDAS works on PC with LINUX OS. The user must have minimum knowledge in UNIX OS for the software installation. The latest version of SeaDAS is capable for MODIS image processing.









Please check the following page if you are interested to input your MODIS images into GIS.


MODIS GIS User Guide



For the processing of higher resolution images, like 500m or 250m. The following software is capable to process the 250m & 500m RGB images if you have the proper type of MODIS images downloaded.


HDFLook is capable to generate the 250m RGB images for both MODIS Terra and Aqua images. The output can be in JPEG or GeoTiff. With the Geotiff image, you can input the image directly into the GIS software such as ArcGIS. This software can be install on various platform. However, for installation in WinXP, you will need to pre-install Cygwin with Xterm on your computer.





The HDF-EOS To GeoTIFF Conversion Tool (HEG) is a tool developed to allow a user to reformat, re-project and perform stitching/mosaicing and subsetting operations on HDF-EOS objects. The output GeoTIFF file is ingestible into commonly used GIS applications. HEG will also write to HDF-EOS Grid & SWATH formats (i.e for Subsetting purposes) and native (or raw) binary. HEG presently works with MODIS (AQUA and TERRA), ASTER, MISR, AIRS, and AMSR-E HDF-EOS data sets.








Ocean Color Community


International Ocean Color Coordinating Group (IOCCG)







Potential Application of Ocean Color Remote Sensing in Malaysia

This is a Oral Presentation presented in the MASDEC Workshop at Putrajaya, Malaysia on 14-16 January 2003. Please click on the following link to view the PDF file.

Click for power point presentation in PDF!





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