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Date: 3 Mar 07



MODIS Chlorophyll a


Chlorophyll a concentration is a proxy to the number of phytoplankton in the water.
























RGB True Color






Red Tide In Waters Around Lumut, 11 Jan 2007,


Red Tide strikes caged fish, 12 Jan, 2007, Daily Express, Malaysia

Marine scientists in Sabah discover new species of red tide, 23 Jan 2007, Borneo Bulletin.


UMS sets up centre to study harmful algae, 23 Jan 2007, New Straits Times.


RM500,000 grant for red tide research, 24 Jan 2007, Daily Express, Malaysia







  1. Extreme high chlorophyll a started to spread. Some high chlorophyll a patches observed close to the shore. The linear bloom extend further toward the west.
  2. Strong absorption of nLw 551 area and RGB true color image shows clear darkish area in the extreme high chlorophyll a region.
  3. Lower SST in the bloom area. Upwelling at northern Borneo could be the nutrient source of the bloom.



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Reference Map

(Please check the map if you are unfamiliar with the location name in northern Borneo)