Ocean Color Satellite Observation of Borneo Red Tide


A Preliminary Analysis of Ocean Color Data





Ocean Color

Red Tide




Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Data


Latest Daily Satellite Imagery (Link to Marufish Blog for latest update)



The daily images can be accessed from following site




Current Marine Data (Oceanweather Inc.)



More Information


Coming Soon! Application of JAXA ALOS images for the monitoring of Harmful Algae Bloom in Southeast Asia.


Latest Red Tide News update from Philippine 2007-08

Check News


Asia Monitor: UNU E-Newsletter Issues 20. March 2007

Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Via Satellite in Northern Borneo


Scientific paper presented at ISRS 2006 PORSEC, November 2006, Busan, Korea.

“Oceanographic Events at Northern Borneo and their Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms”


Information about Indian Ocean Dipole 2007 can be found at




Preliminary Analysis Result


Can We See Red Tide From Satellite?



Brief information about previous red tide event



Monthly SeaWiFS Chlorophyll a Variation at Specific Locations



Climatology of Monthly SeaWiFS Chlorophyll a at Northern Borneo





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Prepared by: C. K. Tan

Updated: 14 Mar 2008