The Observation Using MODIS True Color 250m Resolution Imagery




Ocean Color

Red Tide




The MODIS true color image is the JPEG downloaded from MODIS Rapid Response Website without any processing. You might find some stripping effect on the image itself.



Figure 1. MODIS 250m true color on 14 December 2004


Figure 2. Baram River Mouth. Color enhanced image. Highly turbid water (brownish) can be seen in the image. The river plume extended to the west where the clear ocean water (blue) and the turbid water (milky greenish) can be clearly distinguished.


Darkish colored water appear at the east of the River Plume!! Not sure what is it? Is there another small river mouth?



Figure 3. Brunei Bay. The plume of the turbid water from the west and southern of the bay can be clearly distinguish from the blue oceanic water. There was a report of red tide near Muara at this moment, however it is difficult to be seen from the image above.






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Prepared on 16 December 2004

By C. K. Tan