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Our Projects:

I am running the following projects and they are as follows:

Singing with Passion
From Year: 2006

Singing has many health and social benefits. There are six dimensions of benefit associated with singing – better wellbeing and relaxation, improved breathing and posture, social, spiritual and emotional benefits and boosts to both the heart and the immune system. Singing is great for bringing people together, creating social connections, breaking down a sense of isolation and strengthening communities. Our idea is to set up singing groups in every neighbourhood. 

We introduced this project as a pilot with selected participants who met our stringent criteria.  Our very first vocal coach is Angela from SouthCity Soundz.  Thanks Angela. 

Helena, who successfully set up singing groups in South Africa prisons, will join us too.  I acknowledge her good heart.   

This project was well received and we accepted waves of donations.  Just recently, we were granted $1,500 from the Botany Community Board of the Manukau City Council.

SmoothStream Aerobics
From Year: 2007

Baby Khin from Taiwan visited our SmoothStream Band on 7th January 2007 and gave us a healthy gift - Aerobics Dance - to stay fit.  We declared war against obesity and type 2 diabetes since then.  We practise aerobics in our band just before afternoon tea.  All of us joined this session.  I interviewed those who participated in aerobics.  They agreed on the health benefits given by this type of exercise.  And, they told me that there is a fun.  I also noticed that group dynamics had been changed since then.  We participate more in SmoothStream activities and we consume healthy foods and drinks.  Most importantly, we drink more plain water after aerobics.  Afternoon tea was almost empty after introducing aerobics.     

We nourish your body with aerobics and foods, and your mind with music.  What else?

Aerobics will be coming back soon with full momentum.  This time with a team of professionals!  New look and feel.  Sure with new energy.

Meditation with Passion
From Year: 2006

It is said to boost performance and wellbeing, decrease anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue, and have beneficial effects on conditions ranging from chronic pain and fibromyalgia to psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and even cancer.  But it's not a futuristic wonder drug - it's an ancient Buddhist discipline gaining increased acceptance in mainstream medicine.  It is mindfulness meditation, also known as "insight meditation" 

We practise mindfulness meditation every Sunday in the band practice. 

SmoothStream Soccer
From Year: 2006

SmoothStream Soccer was implemented this year to promote physical activity, to prevent obesity and diabetes.  Our team will participate in Auckland International Cultural Festival in February 2007.  We have now 14 players for the event.  Kong Hong is our coach and Moe Swe is our referee.

We scored one win and two losses in the Auckland International Cultural Festival on 25 February 2007 at Wesley Park.

We were contacted by the Auckland City Council for next year soccer programmes.  I have not decided yet.

Community Music Making
From Year: 2005

I started this project in May 2005 and now the band achieved a spectacular success.  The idea is using music to bring diverse people together regardless of disability, ethnicity, age, gender, religion and political beliefs around a common interest.

The band has evolved as a World Community Band since early 2006, and successfully participated in various community festivals and events around the country.  Our performances were well received.  The progress of the band is admirable to everybody in the community.  We have traveled quite a long journey to reach the standard performance level. 

I put this project on hold for an indefinite period at the moment.  You can contact me anytime by calling 021 124 6507. 

Dancing with Passion
From Year: 2006

Dancing is a rhythmic physical activity with lots of fun.  Cultural Dance expresses one's culture, which is important for mental health and well-being.  We included cultural dance in the SmoothStream band practice, because it promotes physical activity, reduces obesity and prevents type 2 diabetes.  It gives participants a sense of accomplishment and also promotes mental well-being at community and individual levels. 

This group led by Dr. Phyu received NZ$1,000 prize on the 2nd Anniversary Day.

We will extend this category with an excellent approach.  Tribute to Elvis Presley - SmoothStream Rock n' Roll.  Watch out!  No Elvis, No Ronald.   

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