The Rules of Chess:-

         Chess is a game of strategy. Chess is nothing but a war between  white pieces and black pieces and the ultimate goal is to checkmate your opponent's king.

Players take turns moving one piece at a time in an effort to attack their opponent's position, and to defend their own.

The chess pieces are idealized representations of a medieval army; each player has at his command two rooks (the castle of ancient times), two knights (the cavalry), two bishops (the powerful Church of the middle ages), a Queen and a King (the monarchy), and eight pawns (the lowly foot soldiers).

In the following pages, we'll learn how to set up a chess board correctly, how to move the pieces, and how to carry out special maneuvers like castling, and en passant captures:

Moves pawn
Moves knight
Moves rook
Moves bishop
Moves queen
Moves king