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                The contents of the website is mainly about property transactions handled by me in association with C & H Properties Pte Ltd, an accredited housing agency in Singapore.


2.              This website is also linked to other websites connected with property for easy reference of visitors or websites of interests. This website is surf-friendly.


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3.               Home - About:-




To provide reliable consultation and service leading to the successful completion of property transactions in the best interest of the clients.


Service and basic information

Please feel free to call me for your real estate needs. Glad to be of service to you. I am guided by the IEA Commission Guide and C & H Group's guidelines, rules and regulations.


4.             Company Profile - About the Accredited Real Estate Agency, C & H Properties Pte Ltd, C & H Group (established in 1991), its size, successes,  SAEA Scheme (Accredited estate agencies or agents are required to adhere to the SAEA Code of Conduct and Ethics & Code of Practice), HDB ResaleNet, "C&H DEPOSIT GUARANTEE", "C&H HOME MAINTENANCE  PROGRAMME",regular training sessions & seminars for agents, IEA Commission Guide (Institute Agents)



Note: C & H stands for "Commercial & Housing"


5.              Personal Profile - About Y S Kui's real estate professionalism, integrity, performance & some background.


6.                How To - About how to go about your real estate transactions - guide to decision whether to DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) or to engage a real estate professional and some need-to-know background information pertaining to property transactions whether DIY or by agent to ensure transactions go through successfully or at least to minimise any possible risks although it is not fool proof just like the uncertainties in life/nature.                         


7.               List For Sale/Rent - Any properties for sale / rent will be putt up in this list here to facilitate sale/ rent/ enquiries etc with photo samples. More details and photographs are put up in separate webpages for individual properties, where necessary. Click on buttons on left hand column to individual properties with more photos and information.


8.                Recently Sold - Some samples of properties recently sold by me, transferred and taken out from List of Property for Sale/Rent once they are sold/rented. Click on buttons on left hand column to individual properties with more photos and information.


9.                   Yoga - About yoga sessions in Yishun HDB Estate conducted by volunteers free of charge for enthusiasts.




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490 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #06-11 HDB Hub, Singapore 310490

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The contents of this website are for communication and sharing, not 'legally binding' and are 'subject to contract'. Changes may also be made without any notice to correct any inadvertent inaccuracies, events update, etc.  Any agreement must be in 'writing' separately on paper and signed.


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