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Registered Massage and Integrative Therapies

A unique blend of therapies designed to treat the “whole” body, interconnecting the physical, mental and emotional healing process. Together with massage therapy, integrative therapies can be used to enhance the effectiveness of treatments for injuries, biomechanical dysfunction, or the promotion of relaxation.

Craniosacral therapy affects the fascial matrix and nervous system helping to free the body from restrictions, lymphatic drainage encourages the homeostasis and recycling of the fluids within the body (lymph, venous and arterial fluid) and acupressure therapy addresses the energetic or “chi” system, including the various meridians of flow, specific to organs and glands. All therapies stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; where during rest, inner healing and cellular repair can occur.

Combined use and knowledge of different therapies allows for an integrative, therapeutic and holistic approach to health care. These modalities treat the physical body and help to strengthen its foundation, complementing and enhancing other forms of therapy such as massage, naturopathic/homeopathic medicine, chiropractic care, counseling and psychotherapy.

These therapies can also offer an opportunity to go below the surface for those who wish to explore the mind/body connection. It is not uncommon to experience greater insight, a sense of peace and renewal, clarity of mind, and awareness of body as metaphor in life, sport and play.

Shauna Park R.M.T.