Shawn was a very special young man and maybe someday I will understand why he was taken so early. In the mean time I will try to cope with getting through each day for the rest of my family.

I love you my precious son and miss you more each day...

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, you have my child with you,
To go on without him is the hardest thing I've ever had to do,
I know you have your reasons, but still I wonder why,
To accept your will is so hard, but Lord I do try,
I get up each morning with this pain in my heart so deep,
I go through my days trying to be strong all the while I silently weep,
I want him back so bad, I want to scream, cause Lord this hurts so much,
I miss his smile, his laughter, his voice, his touch,
I miss him saying "I love you Mom", I miss everything, oh Lord how do I go on,
Time stands still for me because my son is gone,
It wasn't supposed to be this way,
It should be the other way around, he was supposed to bury me someday,
But Lord I will try do what you want, I will try to deal with this pain,
Because I belive your promise that someday we will be together again,
So until that day I will hold him in my heart, I will be brave and do what you want me to do,
Oh and Lord, for the time I had him here with me, I thank you.

Written by Judi Walker
In memory of her son Shane
Copyright 98
Please do not borrow, used on this page with permission.

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Rose Of Rememberance Award

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