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Groove Adventure Rave story : 50 year ago, there was a large war in which the world was plunged into darkness (overdrive) by a magical artifact called the Demon Stone. Now the forces of light (rave) and darkness(dark bringer) battle for control of the world, an organization called "demon card" control a dark ring.
* Sieghart belongs to Hiro Mashima the creator of the series Groove Adventure RAVE.

Sieg Hart

At the beginning of the series not much isn't know about this mysterious bishonen. But in the manga we find more about him in the more resent chapters.

Name: Sieg Hart
Nickname: Element Master, the Guardian of Time, and High Mage.
Weapon: Elements
Birthday/Age: All unknown
Height: 181 cm/6 feet
Weight: 63 kg
Blood type: A/B
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Blue
Hometown: Mildean (it is found out in the more resent chapters)
Hobby: Watching time
Special Ability: Magic that involves the astral plane.
Likes: Time related stuff
Dislikes: Runesave (Haru's sword), King, Demon Card and anything that might destory the time line.
Personaltiy: He is a mysterious and silent. When he put his mind to something, not thing can change his mind. :)
Seiyuu: Masami Kikuchi






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