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COMING SOON! The Chute Family in America, from a book written in 1899. Stay tuned.

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My married name is Jervis, my maiden name is Jarmilowicz, my father's name is John Jarmilowicz and he was born in Chelsea, Mass in 1922. His parents came from Poland in the early 1900's. Their names are Martin Jarmulowicz born 1886, died 1963, and Amelia Petrowicz born either 1888 or 1890, died 1978.

I have already found out about my maternal grandmother's family. Her name is Zilla Chute and she was born in Lynn, Mass in 1886, died 1968. Her father's name was Hiram Chute and he was born in Digby, Nova Scotia on July 21, 1861. My mother's mother's family comes from England, Ipswich, MA, Rockingham County, NH, and Digby, Nova Scotia. She is descended from Lionel Chute who came here in the 1640's. He was a schoolteacher who taught at Ipswich, MA. One of his ancestor's names was Alexander Chute, and he lived in the latter half of the 13th century in Taunton, Somersetshire, England. And one of my ancestor's helped put William the Conqueror (or the Bastard if you like) on the throne of England in the Battle of Hasting in 1066. That would be Baron Eduoard LeChute. We are descended from a tribe of people called the Jutes and we do originate from Jutland.

My maternal grandfather's name is Edward Byrne Rily, born in Arlington, Mass in 1888, died 1955. His father's name is James O'Reilley and his mother's name is Julia Byrne. They were both born in Ireland in Cork and Kerry Counties, and came here either in the 1850's or 60's. And they dropped the O' from their last name.

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