imgtops tutorial

imgtops tutorial

imgtops is a program written in Perl for converting images in almost any format to a postscript file. You need the following programs/packages to run it.

Command-line options

Usage: imgtops [-[d|g]hotv] image_file
Table: Command-line options for imgtops
-d Save image in black and white dithered mode. Retain the original color.
-g Save image in grey scale. Retain the original color.
-h Print help message and quit.
-o OUTFILE Output to file OUTFILE. Same as the input image except with extension .ps.
-t TMPDIR Set temp directory to TMPDIR. This is needed for writing several intermediate files. You should have permission to write in this directory. /tmp
-v Set up the verbose mode. Non-verbose mode
-V Print version info and quit.

imgtops myimage.gif # Save to ./
imgtops -o ../ myimage.ppm # Save to ../
imgtops -g -o ~/ img.jpg # Save image in grey scale
imgtops -t . /var/images/scene.bmp # Use . as temp directory

Image types

imgtops supports images with the following extensions: For images with unknown extension, imgtops tries to convert using the anytopnm program which is part of the NETPBM package.


Though imgtops is designed for use by htmltotex, you may use it as an independent program for image-to-ps conversion. For problems contact me at Enjoy imgtops !!

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