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Vintage Computers

Golden Oldies
Vintage Computers I have Known... and loved (and occasionally hated)
IBM 1401 Computer IBM S/360 Computer IBM PC-1 IBM PC XT
IBM 1401
The 1401 had 4K memory, and was upgradeable to 16K! My first computer job, in 1966, was operating one of these beauties, on the night shift at a bank in Boston.
IBM System/360
After a while I moved up to running the IBM S/360. You had to load the operating system from a deck of cards, and hope you didn't drop the deck...!!!
I got one of the first IBM PC's in 1982. It had 64K of memory and a 5 1/4" floppy drive. Seems to me it cost about as much as the 200MHz 32MB MMX Pentium I just bought...
My IBM PC XT is vintage 1985 or so. It has a 10MB hard drive and 512K of memory. It still runs just fine. Great machine!!
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The Amazing Luggable PC

PC Luggable
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Mystery system

New!  Mystery Computer
Recognize this one? (Hint: it's older than you think!)
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A Passage to India

Delhi photo Bombay Conference
Larger Picture

A few years ago I spoke on computer networking to businessmen in Bombay and Delhi. India is very sophisticated in the use of modern technology. These business leaders told me their biggest concern was the rapid obsolescence of new technology.
[L]On my left is Balaji, who was IBM's server manager for India; he was the host during my trip.
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