Jon's page.

Well, here it is: my page. There's not much on it yet, so go ahead and give me some suggestions of what you'd be interested in knowing (hopefully I'm not concieted enough to bore you with all my most inane personal details)


First of all, I know that I have some problems with spelling ( maintaining web pages late at night is not great for that, either). I am working on it, thouh.

As I mention elsewhere, I am a programmer. I do have other interests, though. There are many things at our church that I am involved in, including Promise Keepers, TLC groups and some classes.

Feel free to send me mail with any questions about our church, the classes we have attended, or any of my interests.

Programming & graphics:

I do different programming, but am mainly handling PC multimedia titles. In addition to just pushing bits, I have a strong intrest in graphics and art. I've also become quite experienced in Java and also internationalization.

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