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UPDATE Dec 1998:

I started to convert some of my older images into Ver 3.0 scripts Spring '98. These newest versions are slowly being made ready for publishing. Check back here in regularly to see new stuff. The POV scripts for most of these images are available for downloading as well as ZIP files of some of the images. The ZIPed images files are arranged to fit on 1.4k floppies for easy storage.

Most of these files are for POV Ver. 1.0. The exception is the Our_House series which has been rewritten for Ver 3.0. These .POV and .INC files were written over a period of four years; therefore, the definations in the older files might not apply to newer scenes. For instance, the oldest version of BRENDAN.INC supports the Garden scenes but might not apply to the Our_House scenes. Also note that there may be differences between a given script file and the rendered image in the archive.

Please, feel free to use and modify these scene files, subject to the conditions given below. These archives contain tutorial templates, as well as complete, final draft scenes. The INC files contain dozens of useful generic scene elements: lights, camera positions, basic walls, columns, floors, and assorted objects. I tried to annotate the scenes, the templates, and the INCludes to guide a new artist through the learning curve. One feature I designed early on was the Grid Markers to create "graph paper" inside the scene. This evolved in the Garden scenes to help position the large composite objects. By carefully scaling and translating the various Markers and Push Pins they can be a great help in fine-tuning object alignment. In ChekFloors, Floor SE 1 is the grids and markers turned into the HoloDeck scene.

UPDATE Nov 1999

Wow! a whole year since I updated this page! I am currently working on the final ( that is the third "final" version ) revisions of the Our_House scene. The source code will be posted here by the end of this month.

UPDATE Feb 2000

Since the last update I have spent many of these cold and rainy winter days working on the IRTC Group Image Project designing a block of brownstone apartment buildings. The basic code is from the Our_House project, which is temporarily on hold, with the addition of period-specific tirm, windows, doors, etc. It has been a nice validation of the concepts of modular programming: the Frames and Panels, Doors and Windows from the House got rearranged into a multi-story, multi-unit building then redecorated with period brick and stone textures. And this project encouraged me to learn #macros so that variations in the design of different stories and different buildings could be inserted into a whole city-block of buildings. You can get the source material by clicking this word.

UPDATE Nov 2001

My House Project has evolved into a Modernist-International Style building during this last year or so. The most recent source code is available in the list below. Please NOTE: that the objects declared in these files may have the same names as in previous versions of the House, but the definitions have changed. M_Home00.INC is NOT backward compatible with older versions of the House.

And, as of this date, the graphics on this page have been changed; see the artist's logo and link on the bottom of this page.

NOTE: All these images and scripts are
© copyright 1995 - 2006 by Michael Brendan Hurley
and ShadowDancer Enterprizes, LTD.
Use for commercial purposes is not allowed
without permission. However, POV artists may use
them freely in exchange for a request,
a mention in the credits, and a link to this site.

Download ZIP Files:

Download CheckFloors series of images, including Temple, Garden and other early POV v1.0 files. 695K

Download CheckFloors script files, POV v.1.0. 33K

Download Temple script files, POV v1.0. 40K

Download Our House scripts for some of the Gallery Four images, the "final" POV v3.1 versions of Our House. These definition files superceed the older versions you may have downloaded before. Major revisions do not allow backwards compatibility and future conversion to POV 3.1g will alter everything. Look for a zip of the new stuff in the Summer of 2000.

Download Miscellaneous Images file. 486K

Download Miscellaneous Images script file, POV v.1.0. 67K

Download the Modernist version of the House project as seen in Gallery Seven as of December 2002.

IRTC Friends: Notice This!

THIS FILE UPDATED 17 APR 2000 TO Version 4!
This file contains the Brownstone Apartment INC and POV files for the Group Image Project. This file has been revised several times: all versions have the same filenames as the original but with different content. Only the most recently dated file is the official version. This current file, April 2000, contains both the Brownstone Apartment and the Courtyard Apartment. If you get a copy, let me know so we can work together in planning and executing our part of the scene.

NEW FILE!...The Street Fair Version 2!
With the help and cooperation of the Project Manager, Ray Benjamin, I have made extensive revisions to the GIP files, incorporating many new features and objects created by other Project Members. This new set of files contain source code to place the brownstones by myself and Ib Rasmussen, Ib's period bridges and park fense. The next revision will include most of the objects for the Fair itself arranged in the Park. Please check back next month.

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