A Modernist House

Version 2


This is yet another incarnation of Our_House, derived from previous versions but updated with some new features and a new, stream-lined look. There is a fairly famous house in (New Mexico? Arizona?) that I saw in Architechural Digest and also on a Home and Garden TV program, that was in inspiration for this image. That house had rounded walls and an oceanliner streamlined style. It gave me an inspirational jolt that got me back to working in POV.

And one note about this house, and the others, for that matter...
My conception of this series is rendering the image of an architect's model of a house, sitting on an outdoor table, NOT the image of a real house!

This gives me some leeway in the renderings: every corner of every room does not have to be precise to the fraction of an inch, every detail of the interior need not be a photo-realistic rendering of an object, and the plants can be seen as miniature mock-ups of shrubry, thus saving the agony of rendering half a million leaves!

A click on most pictures will show you a large size, +q9 render.

Gold Bar

Another Modernist it grow!

Just the window sills and a lonely front door.

Add the window frames and a floor.

Then more floor and a wall or two.

The east walls and the balcony.

All the walls save for upstairs north.

All except the roof...

A Beauty Shot of the North Elevation

A low res view from the south east.

And just for the fun of it...

Watch it explode!

from the southeast
A view from the southeast

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