The Modenist House Series

During the '40's and '50's the Modernist Movement in architecture produced many stunning and elegant homes, apartments, commercial and public buildings. Like many of my generation I felt that this vision of the future was THE vision of the future. The works of Richard Neutra and ... ... and others of the Modernist Movement made deep impressions on the imagination of our generation. Movies and graphic arts still relie on this school of architecture to invision the "Future." Remember Dr. Mobius's home in "Forbidden Planet"? StarFleet HQ? the set designs in "The Shape Of Things To Come"? the comic book art of Carmine Infantino? or, in a humorous vein: the Jetson's home?

This influence can been seen in all the versions of my House project and is now delibertly emphasized in this series.

Modernist House Images Descriptions
View 1: Modernist House: 1st Draft
basic blocking of the rooms
View 2: The East Room
sketch of frames and floor
View 3: The East and North Rooms:
frame test
View 7: The West Room:
a long shot of the
house's west wing.

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