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Thanks for stopping by at Microsoft Internet Explorer Sucks. This intro serves as an FAQ, so regardless of which browser you use please read this before continuing. How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4 for Win95: You could use either the Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel (use common sense from there on) or if there is no entry in that built in utility, go to c:\windows\system\ and run Ieremove.exe. If you see neither the entry in Add/Remove nor the EXE file, you must reformat to get rid of IE completely. How tests were done: Navigator 3 and 4, IE 3 and 4 are tested on a P120, P200MMX, and on a friend's PowerMac and PII300. The Pentiums, of course, use Win95, and the PowerMac has MacOS 8. Why is Internet Explorer free: First of all it sucks (that'll be explained later), so Microsoft knows nobody would chose IE over a much superior product, Navigator. Then, Microsoft wants to dominate the browser market so that it can kill innovation and all forms of cross-platform software (such as ones already being programmed with Java) that will arise from this innovation so that MS can keep its Windows monopoly -- so vital to the company's success. Also with IE having the majority of the browser market, Microsoft can sell its web development products to webmasters. Since IE's components favor other MS products, for example MS's JVM is modified from the 100% pure Java standard to run better with Windows, so if IE get the majority of websurfers to use it, the majority of webmasters will buy MS products like J++, VB 5, and FrontPage to optimize their sites for IE. By downloading MSIE, you're actually putting $$$ into Gate's numerous bank accounts. So stop whining about Internet Exploder being free! Furthermore, Communicator Standard and all versions of Navigator are free for public downloading. Get Netscape in the links, and boycott MSIE.

Why IE Sucks:
  • It's made by Bill Gates and Microsoft, that's bad enough.
  • ZDNet and PC World picked Navigator 3.0 as The Browser of 1997. Communicator received CNet's Editor's Choice Award in February 98.
  • So after the Editor's choices, Communicator receives public support, winning the CNet Reader's Choice for favorite Internet product (by "an overwhelming margin") and Developer.com's Reader's Choice Award.
  • IE has little of the features more powerful browsers have (ex: Communicator's HTML editor - Composer; Frontpad cannot even re-adjust tables with WYSIWYG after they are made).
  • Navigator and Communicator has shipping versions for virtually all platforms (last count was 19) including multiple versions of Unix, OS/2, Mac and Win3.x. IE 4 has shipping versions for only 3 OSes. Do the math.
  • CNet reviews IE 4 and received over 600 complaints that the new Active Desktop slowed their computer down.
  • IE has holes in it, so malicious Java applets and other Web elements such as embedded MS PowerPoint presentations can wreck your system. Have you noticed that magazines announce a new IE bug and its patch almost every month?
  • Even though ISPs and Online services are bribed by MS to bundle IE into their startup kits, only 35% of netizens use it, almost all of the rest belongs to Netscape because for them, the first and only thing they do with IE is to download Navigator.
  • Exploder always had a bad reputation for lacking quality features (ex: bad newsgroup/e-mail client, etc.)
  • Microsoft's JScript is not 100% compatible with the Internet standard JavaScript, thus giving you error when it accesses sites with certain types of JavaScripts. The upgrade patch to JScript 2.0 for my copy of IE 3.02 is nowhere to be found at Microsoft.com.
  • A lot of web pages laugh at you if you're found using IE since they are considered to be the least competent of websurfers. This analysis is one of the most precise to be found, check it out.
  • The IE button is easy to make fun of (see iexploit.gif).
  • Netscape has a cool mascot: Mozilla, IE doesn't, so it tries to spoof itself as Netscape.
  • Its uninstallation proved confusing for former users and fatal to the hard drives of the unfortunate (reformatting is just not pleasing to one's tastes).
  • Internet Explorer needs a bunch of lamerz to promote their browser. Their organization is called ClubIE. It's not going to work! HAHA!
  • If the members of ClubIE are volunteers, as they claim to be, why are they a commercial website? The answer could be found using an InterNIC whois search, as Pat Swanson has done.
  • Unlike what Microsoft said in ads about Internet Explorer 4 needing only 8MB, it eats up at least 16, double that of Communicator. Why do you think Active Desktop cripples workstations?
  • IE 4.0 uses almost 40% of your monitor for tool bars, status bars, and other junk features, leaving only 60% for actual website viewing. If you choose fullscreen, or move the location bar to your taskbar, multitasking in Win95 becomes inefficient and extremely difficult.
  • Geocities's email feature is made specifically for Netscape. To upload files onto Geocities and web-based email, you need to download (guess what!) another patch which is also nonexsistant on MS's site.
  • In an attempt to control the entire software industry, Gates no longer cares about people who are using Macs and Win3.x. Their new technology selfishly focuses on their own 32-bit OSes, not the Internet community itself, and IE4 is proof of that.
  • You want to see MS lying about its browser? Here, an MS rep responds to Gateway removing IE from their desktops: "The browser cannot be removed or sold separately." Whatever... I have successfully uninstalled IE3 and IE4 twice on my PCs (while setting Navigator as my default browser twice), and MS is selling "Internet Explorer Plus" (basicly IE4 with some freeware add-ons) in retail stores for $40.
Can you handle more insults?! *evil laugh* Hahahaha! *evil laugh*

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